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Next week, we will be bringing an interview with Coach Schiano on-line. Please be aware that parts of the feature will be free, while others will be pay.

Please take a look at our video highlights. Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing a number of additional prospects on-line. We welcome any and all comments.
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On Capitol Hill Wednesday, lawmakers heard expert testimony on a U.S. House proposal that would give the federal government a greater role in policing sports agents, especially in how they recruit college players.
Rep. Tom Osborne, the Nebraska Republican and former longtime Nebraska football coach, told a House subcommittee about the "insidious" influence some agents had on his former players. Although he noted there are "some good people" working as agents, he said agents would "beat the door down" to get to his players and used ex-players to "infiltrate" his program to serve as go-betweens between players and agents who wanted to recruit them.
Congress hears testimony on agent regulation need

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