Netwhispers on Hoops

The entire team will be back next season.  They all seemed to do well last semester academically.  Here is a summary of what some of the players will be doing.

The entering freshmen are expected on campus for the second summer semester. They may join some of the upper classmen to field a Rutgers Team in the Jersey Shore League.

Returning senior, Jerome Coleman, is presently playing with an All Star Team in Australia and scored a quiet 23 points in his first game.  Ricky Shields will be playing with an All Star Team in the Ivory Coast and Jason McCoy is headed to England with a team. Herve Laminzana will not be going to the Ivory Coast this summer but instead will be a counselor at the prestigious ABCD camp in Teaneck.  According to all indications Herve is responding well to the new role he will play this year. He has been hitting the weights every morning at seven AM with his teammates and is increasing his strength for the inside game he will need to play.

Kareem Wright has lost 20 pounds and is down to 280.  He is now working with a nutritionist and has reduced his body fat by seven percent. He will be attending the Mike Newell Big Man Camp in Hawaii  along with Harry Good and Jason Pisecki.

Mike Sherrod is scheduled for some minor surgery with a 4 to 6 week recovery period.  He will be attending shooting camp along with Jason McCoy. Juel Wiggans will be on campus this summer along with Sean Axani and both may be part of the Rutgers contingent at the Jersey shore. They have both been putting in their time in the weight room.


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