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The problem with June

I find it interesting to write about college football at the close of the spring semester for schools around the country. I mean, what is there really to talk about?
Lucey-No Problem


Big East Sports

WVU AD looks to "Invest to win"

"It's clear to all of us that we need to invest to win,'' Pastilong said after the meeting with the board, echoing the sentiments he expressed during a presentation that has been in the works for five months. "We need to make sure our salaries are competitive. We need to make sure our coaches have the opportunities to go out and recruit quality student-athletes. We need to make certain that our facilities are excellent in excellent conditions. And we need to make certain we have opportunities to add new facilities. And that investment requires a lot of money.''
Gazette Online - Pastilong outlines ‘Invest to Win' plan


Big East Football

Keith Burnell, who earlier in the spring had announced plans to leave Virginia Tech, announced Wednesday that he will play for Delaware in his final season of college football eligibility.
Sports - VT Football - Burnell picks Delaware over James Madison


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