Craig McGovern talks about coming to Rutgers

Craig McGovern selected Michigan State out of high school but has since transferred to Rutgers. had the opportunity to interview Craig McGovern, talk about his experiences, and reason why he came back home to New Jersey.

1. I have to go there. Were you at Rutgers for the MSU-RU game last year? What were your thoughts of this game? What do you think of the atmosphere for an RU football game in general? What do you think of the RU fans? What are your impressions of the student section?
I was scheduled to go the game, but an injury made me stay back and watch it from East Lansing. I thought the game was a big eye opener for both teams. For Rutgers it showed that it can compete with anyone, and for MSU it showed that you have to overcome adversity to win a football games.
I believe the football atmosphere has improved, and continues to improve, tremendously. People believe in RU, and see the talent RU has. The fans have been great, and I'm certain we'll continue to see increasing support. The student section is great, and I'm sure it'll keep growing. As a player you want to see the stadium filled up with your fellow classmates supporting you through thick and thin. It makes you proud to represent your college and your peers.

2. Talk about yourself as a football player. Size, strength, speed, special talents? What are the staff's and your' expectations of yourself.
Right now I'm 6'4" 260 pounds. In terms of special talents, I think it would be my balance of receiving and blocking. Coming out of high school I was a primarily a pass catching tight end, but when I went to college I worked very hard on my blocking to become the balanced tight end I am today. The coaches and I expect me to help them both in the run and pass game, keeping the defense off guard.

3. When did you know that Rutgers was the right place for you?
I figured out Rutgers was the best for me probably when I decided I wanted to transfer after doing all my comparisons between different colleges. I looked at the role of the tight end in each of the programs, their depth charts, etc.

4. You were a huge recruit coming out of NJ a few years ago. RU did not seem like a cool place to be then. Is it a cool place to be now? If so, besides winning, what has changed culturally at Rutgers.
Rutgers was never a place not to be, but at the time a lot of recruits were not afraid to venture out of state. Now, I know Rutgers is that place to be. With the increase in the competitiveness with the sports and academics it has opened a lot of new doors.

5. What are your thoughts on your Rutgers experience thus far? Talk about academics, being close to home, being near family, your impressions of your teammates thus far.
So far I am enjoying my time at Rutgers. When I transferred I changed my major from pre-med to finance. So, I am enjoying seeing something different. Being close to home is great I can see my friends and family whenever I want. A 45 minute drive is a lot better than 11 hour drive. In terms of football wise, I couldn't be happier. The player-coach relationship here is great. They truly care about their players and treat them right. All of the team welcomed me right away. I have made a lot of friends in such a short amount of time.

6. Unfortunately, this program has struggled in getting the big kids to stay home in masse. You went out of state the 1st time around, but then decided being part of the Rutgers program was the way to go. How do you present to fellow top NJ recruits to believe in this program and stay home. Would you advise kids that a major football power will be created in NJ.
I wouldn't even present to them as location being the main reason. I would tell them to forget about that. I've been to and was offered by many colleges and have many friends playing all over the country and this is one of the best colleges to play for. The one main factor that sticks out in my mind is the coaches really care about their players with the relationships and facilities they share. In many colleges players are just interchangeable and the coaches don't care about the players themselves.
Location is just the icing on the cake. It also gets a chance to represent your home state and display the great talent New Jersey has to offer. If all recruits got a second chance like me in terms of recruiting and seeing everything behind the scenes, they would realize the opportunity this college has.
7. Thanks for your time. In speaking to many people around NJ, they are very excited to see you play at Rutgers. Do you have any words for the fans, students, recruits, of this great state.
It's good to be home and I can't wait to get on the field!

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