Mike Costanzo

 Mike Costanzo, 6-4, 235, 4.8, OL,DL Keystone Oaks HS, Pennsylvania

I am always intrigued when I hear of athletes with all the tools who have missed a season due to an injury coming into their senior year. You don't know what to expect. Those are the types of kids who college coaches often keep an eye on because if they bloom as seniors you better be around with a scholarship before someone else arrives.

Even more intriguing is when you find a player who has lineman size and 4.8 speed. Such a player will be suiting up this fall in Western Pennsylvania. His name is Mike Costanzo and he is 6-4, 235 and his feet have college coaches intrigued.

"His feet? You mean his speed, don't you."

No I mean his feet. With size 14 shoes coaches wonder if Mike will bloom into being a giant. Mike Costanzo thinks that that just might happen. "I have an out of control metabolism", he jokes. More seriously he notes, "I am still growing and college coaches look at my size 14 shoes and wonder how big I'll get."

Couple his size with 4.8 speed and you realize why schools like Penn State, Pittsburgh and Iowa State are paying close attention.

Mike's size and speed aren't the only things that have college coaches interested. Mike Costanzo is a hard worker in the weight room and bright kid. After missing all but three games last year with a torn meniscus Mike is a player with seemingly all the tools but nonetheless someone who is hard to judge.

"My knee is fine now," he notes, but he'll let college coaches judge for themselves. He has attended and will attend a number of combines this year including ones at Miami of Ohio, Kent State the Metro Index combine.

In looking for a school Mike hopes to stay fairly close to home and he'll choose a school with good academics. He'll also look to  find a program with a good system and facilities. Right now his favorites are PSU, Pittsburgh, Iowa State, Iowa State, Kent State and Miami of Ohio.

I asked Mike if he would be interested in Rutgers if they recruited him and he answered "definitely".

Mike Costanzo's injury last year robbed him of a chance to show what he can do on the football field but he'll be definitely a player to watch in the coming season, and believe me, many coaches will be watching.


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