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Lovecchio becomes a Hoosier

Indiana felt right to Matt LoVecchio. So on Wednesday, LoVecchio, a former Notre Dame quarterback, announced he would continue playing college football in Indiana — this time for the Hoosiers.
Ex-Irish QB commits to Indiana


Jersey High School Football

For most high school seniors, the graduation countdown has begun. But on the football field at Ramapo High School, a group of football players is focusing on a different countdown. The players who comprise the Bergen County North team are going through their final preparations for the seventh annual Bergen County All-Star Football Game, to be played Friday at Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes at 7:30 p.m. - Football

Big East Football

For those who did not go to games last year, I bet you're the type of person that goes to the local bar to watch the game or orders pizza and catches the action at home. Well, not this year. Everyone is going to a game. I said everyone is going to a game. Except maybe that baby that cries all game. And maybe that really tall guy who always gets the seat in front of me. And maybe that couple that makes out all game. Other than that, everyone else is going.
Lucey-Nosebleed Seats

Bowl Championship Series - Tweaking the System

Prohibiting computer rankings from considering margin of victory is a mistake that could produce "crazy'' results, claim two men whose calculations are part of the Bowl Championship Series formula. The BCS is expected to announce a change that would require computer rankings to eliminate margin of victory from the calculations. Those who decline to conform to the new rule would be dropped.  Herman Matthews, whose ratings are syndicated by Scripps Howard News Service, said he replied to a recent request by a BCS representative to calculate ratings for college football teams if victory margin were eliminated from his formula. "Look at the nonsense here,'' Matthews said over the weekend, disclosing the hypothetical ratings he sent the BCS office. "If you take out margin of victory, Tennessee would have been No. 2 before the bowls even though they got beat by LSU. That's really suspect. Then Tennessee slaughtered Michigan (in the Citrus Bowl) but the Vols would have dropped from No. 2 to No. 3 while Michigan increased from No. 25 to No. 20. That's crazy.'' NCF - Lose margin of victory in BCS? Two pollsters cry foul

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