So you've got nothing to do this weekend and it's raining. You're a basketball JUNKIE and the NBA FINALS were a flop because you're an East Coast guy from Joysie. SO what do you do Joey? You hop the train out off Albany Street and head to Penn Station. Hop the subway to the Bronx but the Yanks and Mets are SOLD OUT. You got some more bucks on your METRO CARD so you head to Rose HIll and catch the RUMBLE IN THE BRONX. Where are Vince McMahon and all the wrestlers? HEY BUDDY, IT"S HOOPS CITY UP HERE. The AAU RUMBLE IN THE BRONX at Fordham University starts today June 14 and runs until June 16. Over 50 teams will participate from as far away as Florida and Texas. There are 32 teams in the under 17 Division and 20 in the under 16 Division. The familar names will includes the Gauchos with Shagri Alleyne. The Ravens with Lou McCroskey and Curtis Stinson. TT Playaz with Mookie Watkins, Marques Webb, Jamar Nutter, Sean Banks, Wil Sheridan and J.R. Smith. Last but not least the ENTERTAINER, Cedric Jackson with Playaz Red. Admission is $5.00 daily.

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