Ira Guliford

Ira Guilford Interview 6-19-2002 Ira Guilford (RB/DB, 5'11" - 188lbs) Hoboken High School, New Jersey

Almost every year Hoboken High School produces another talented skilled player, this year is no different. This year's star player is Ira Guilford.

At 5'11" - 188lbs, Guilford covers 40 yards in a blazing 4.45 seconds. He currently has scholarship offers from Michigan State, Penn State, Rutgers, Hofstra, Duke, and Syracuse. He lists his favorites as, in order, Ohio State, Michigan State, Rutgers, Penn State, Syracuse, Kansas State, and Indiana.

What does he like about his top four?

  • Ohio State - A childhood favorite. He likes the Big Ten atmosphere, the fan support, and the tradition.

  • Michigan State - One of his former teammates and good friends, Terrell Dortch, is a member of the football team. Dortch speaks highly of the school. Both safeties will be graduating this year leaving the two positions opened.

  • Rutgers - He really likes Coach Schiano, believes that they will turn things around, and would like to be a part of this process. His mother and father both attended the school. His father was a member of the last Rutgers team to go to a bowl.

  • Penn State - He likes the tradition and prestige of the program.

He favors the Big Ten Conference because of the tradition and the style of play. Although he says his decision will be based upon his comfort with the coaching staff, quality of education the school can provide, and the academic support.

He would like to major in Business and become an entrepreneur.

He currently has no plans of committing early and plans to take all of his visits.

He only plans on attending the Ohio State camp, where he plans to obtain a scholarship offer.

We will check back with him next month.


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