Flaherty is both brains and brawn

Rarely does the term "student-athlete" truly encompass the best qualities of both student and athlete when one thinks of top flight football prospects. That's hardly the case for Harry Flaherty (6-foot-3 and 220-pounds) who excels on the gridiron about as well as he does in the classroom. And as a 4.0-student, that's saying quite a lot.

Harry Flaherty, by way of Red Bank Catholic (NJ) holds one scholarship offer, from his state school, Rutgers. However, interest in the 220-pounder has been shown from a variety of schools, including Boston College, Virginia, Duke, Princeton, and Harvard, all schools he currently lists as his favorites.

His state school was the first to extend an offer to the future collegian and the early impression the Rutgers program has made on Flaherty has been a positive one.

"From what I have seen and heard, it seems like a great place," stated Flaherty.

"Their football program is on the rise after having gone to a bowl game, their coaches are confident guys who have shown a lot of interest in me. It's a good school, and its close to home."

Rutgers has not been specific as to what position they are recruiting Flaherty for. Either as a TE or LB.

The list of schools interested in Flaherty is unlike the list possessed by most prospects. Because of Flaherty's prowess inside and outside of the classroom Ivy League schools and some of the top academic public schools in the land have shown him significant interest. Indeed the balancing act that must accompany participation in any sport is a critical, though by no means an easy one. It's precisely this successful balancing act, however, that has piqued the interest of the prestigious list of schools currently looking at Flaherty.

"I've just developed a habit of doing all my work and studying hard. I've also had some good teachers that have made it interesting for me. As far as balancing them I just concentrate on football until practice is over then get to my work," said Flaherty.

In regards to the schools on Flaherty's list, SOR.com asked the local standout to detail what he likes most about each of his favorites (see above in regards to commentary about Rutgers).

Boston College: Boston College is a top football program with a great academic reputation. It's also a Catholic school like the one I go to now.

Virginia: Virginia is similar to BC as far as a combination of football and school, and has a beautiful campus.

Duke: Duke is basically an Ivy League caliber school that competes in a powerful conference.

Princeton/Harvard: Princeton and Harvard, well obviously their academic reputations speak for themselves but they are also more serious football programs than most think. Princeton is also close to home and if I went to either school it would probably mean more playing time than some of the others which is a positive.

Flaherty will be attending the Elite Combine on May 1st and plans on participating in summer camps during the next several months but remains unsure which schools will receive his visits at this time.

Recording 12 catches for 2 TDs on offense, Flaherty also grabbed 2 INTs last year in addition to amassing 85 tackles. Those performances garnered him All-Area and All-division honors.

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