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Football Recruiting - Jamaal Jones

Bergen Catholic (NJ) High School defensive end Jamaal Jones is receiving loads of attention from schools throughout the east and Midwest - including the Hokies. Bergen Catholic (NJ) High School defensive end Jamaal Jones is receiving interest from many of the top schools in the nation. Jones told VT Insider that "Iowa, Maryland, UConn, Purdue, Clemson, South Carolina, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia" are some of the schools that are actively recruiting him at this stage in the recruiting process.
"I don't have any offers so far," he continued, "and I want to leave all my options open and go from there. I don't have a favorite at this point either." Jones noted that he has visited Tech and loved it. "I've been down to Tech and North Carolina as well as West Virginia and Maryland," Jones noted. "I've also been to Rutgers."
Yahoo! Sports: NCAA Football - Jones Getting Loads Of Attention

And a fan put together this recruiting compendium from all the pre season football mags:

Top New Jersey High School Players

Joe Dailey (QB) – Athlon

Mike Loree (QB) – Street & Smith

Andre Callender (RB) – Athlon, Street & Smith, Sporting News, Lindy's

Lance Ball (RB) – Street & Smith

Joe Sandberg (RB) – Street & Smith

Albert Young (RB) – Street & Smith

Dorian Bryant (WR) – Athlon, Street & Smith, Sporting News, Lindy's

Derek Harper (WR) – Street & Smith, Sporting News

Jesse Holley (WR) – Street & Smith

James Townsend (WR) – Street & Smith

Tarrell Carney (WR) – Sporting News

Issac Redman (Utility) – Street & Smith

D.J. Cunningham (TE) – Street & Smith

Sam Johnson (TE) – Street & Smith

Gordie Sammis (OL) – Street & Smith

Greg Olsen (DE/TE) – Athlon, Street & Smith, Sporting News, Lindy's

Joe Kendra (LB) – Athlon, Street & Smith

Jermaine Dias (LB) – Athlon, Street & Smith, Lindy's

Jermaine Davis (LB) – Street & Smith

Claude McBride (LB) – Street & Smith, Sporting News

Chris Niszczak (LB) – Street & Smith

Rashawn Ricks (LB) – Sporting News

Charles Timbers (DB) – Athlon, Street & Smith

Mike DeSantis (K) – Street & Smith



PISCATAWAY, NJ – Outfielder Jeff Frazier (Toms River, NJ), a member of the Rutgers University baseball team, has been named a First Team Freshman All-American by Baseball America. Frazier is one of two BIG EAST players to earn the distinction (along with Boston College's Chris Lambert) and is the only position player from the conference on the first or second team.
Frazier Earns Freshman All-America Honors


Basketball Recruiting - Looking at Shagari

High Hoops


Looking to decide early

In 1996, Tim Thomas and Shaheen Holloway kept fans and recruiters in suspense until well after the high school basketball season before announcing their college choices. Two years later, Al Harrington of St. Patrick's kept everyone in suspense until deep into April, when he announced he would eschew college for the NBA draft. That was then. This is now. And, boy, is the emphasis ever on now.
High School basketball: On selecting a college, many players say early is better

Big East Football

Still waiting to see who among West Virginia's freshmen wide receiver recruits might be eligible this fall? So is Rodriguez.
Gazette Online - Dave Hickman


Big East Basketball - Coming and Going

Syracuse reinstates Edelin

William Edelin has successfully petitioned for readmission to Syracuse University. Edelin has met the conditions placed upon him at the time he was suspended by the school. He may now contact the dean to begin the enrollment process for the fall semester. His suspension will terminate officially on Aug. 15. NCB - Prize recruit Edelin reinstated by Syracuse

West Virginia - Hargett gone

A West Virginia University basketball season born of high hope, ended in scandal Friday. A two-month investigation came to an end with four players declared ineligible including freshman guard Jonathan Hargett, who, along with his mother, was accused of taking payments from an unnamed "mentor" hoping to become his future agent. The payments were said to have been made both before Hargett enrolled at WVU and after he arrived.
Hargett era ends -- Appeared June 22, 2002 - Sports articles from The Dominion Post

WVU's Hargett on way out?


Where are they now? Vicki Picott

New Vanderbilt women's basketball coach Melanie Balcomb has named former Xavier assistants Vicky Picott and Kristin Schneider to her Commodores coaching staff.
Balcomb brings in Xavier assistants - Wednesday, 06/12/02


Notes from  behind a firewall

After losing several thousand dollars worth of computing equipment last year to a virus, after being hacked by hackers, spammed by spammers and bedeviled by lunatics of every kind, character, nature and description I have put up a firewall to protect my personal computer. Actually two firewalls; not that I'm paranoid, mind you.

The level of defense that I have on this computer boggles the mind. Emails pass through two separate filters and are scanned twice for viruses. The first filter is set up so that viruses cannot activate even if they are so new that anti virus software doesn't recognize them. That gives me the option to delete suspicious but seemingly innocent email. I do that regularly.

Security doesn't stop there.

Hackers attempt to hack into my computer about once every 30 minutes. That's hard to believe but true. Why would anyone so relentlessly try to hack into a computer for a sports site? Actually, I don't think it has anything to do with me or with this site. I suspect that this frequency of computer attack is quite common and I suspect that it is probably even automated by "god only knows who" and for "god only knows what purpose." Just for kicks? Who knows?

I decided just to shut them out rather than to try to track them down, so with this computer those hackers have to hack through a hardware firewall and then through a software firewall. To my belief no one has made it through yet.

Spammers cause trouble also. I have set up my computer so that their trash mail shunted to a separate software program that blasts them for sending me their unwanted garbage and threatens them with civil lawsuits if they don't cut it out. All that is done automatically without me even seeing the spam. Neat, huh.

That's not all.

Private information about me is shielded from theft so that sites I visit cannot steal info about my identity and use it for whatever nefarious purpose they might have in mind.

It all works pretty well ... if you have a gigabyte of memory, which I don't.

But, hell, I don't care, it is worth the trouble to me. I enjoy sitting safe and comfy inside my cybernetic fortress. 

While electronic mayhem runs rampant on the outside, I am safe.

Well, almost.

I still haven't accounted for Klez.


 I never ran into anything like Klez in my life.

If you don't know what Klez is, then check out this blurb on the Klez virus from Symantec.

"This worm often uses a technique known as 'spoofing.' When it performs its email routine. it can use a randomly chosen address that it finds on an infected computer as the 'From:' address, numerous cases have been reported in which users of uninfected computers received complaints that they sent an infected message to someone else.

For example, Linda Anderson is using a computer that is infected with W32.Klez.H@mm. Linda is not using a antivirus program or does not have current virus definitions. When W32.Klez.H@mm performs its emailing routine, it finds the email address of Harold Logan. It inserts Harold's email address into the "From:" portion of an infected message that it then sends to Janet Bishop. Janet then contacts Harold and complains that he sent her an infected message, but when Harold scans his computer, Norton AntiVirus does not find anything--as would be expected--because his computer is not infected."

In short, Klez makes it look like your friends are sending viruses to you when actually neither you nor your friends are infected with viruses. To your friends, however, it looks like you are sending viruses to them and to you it looks like they are sending viruses to  you! For instance, I keep on getting emails seemingly from Big Dog containing the Klez virus. My antivirus program picks it up and destroys the virus but they keep on coming. It is no use contacting Big Dog about it since it is not being sent from his computer. It is being sent from a computer infected with the Klez virus which happens to have both my email address and Big Dog's. The Klez virus makes it look like he is sending virus filled emails to me and vice versa. And it is not just Big Dog and I. Earlier on this month I was getting five or more emails a day filled with viruses sometimes coming from strangers, but often seemingly coming  from friends and acquaintances! All of these email actually came from  the computers of people who happen to have my email address in their address book and happen to be infected with the Klez  virus. They match up my name with another name in the address book and .... Klez.

Over past few weeks the Rutgers community has been ravaged by Klez. I am willing to bet that many folks don't even know that they have been infected. Their email programs are spewing out viruses to the rest of us making it look like RU supporters are running wild with designs of infectious malice towards their Scarlet brethren. That's not so, it is not so at all. It is just Klez doing its thing.

So what is a cybernaut to do?

If you have received strange "one sentence" emails from people who, when asked, deny that they sent them to you, or if such email has launched  pop up windows at you, you may be infected with Klez.

Do us all a favor. Have your computer scanned from an outside computer. and, if infected, take actions to disinfect your system.

It is the neighborly thing to do.


Fan Feedback

On the new site:

With all the comments regarding the new board format --everything that changes takes a bit of time to get used to...kind of like teaching old dogs new tricks. But once you get used to this, I find in much better.

Easy to get to where I want to go. Segmented well. I can now catch the morning and evening news without have to scroll all the way down until I reach "old info" previously read. Well done!

Mike Fasano:

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