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Football - All-Star games

At some point, the posturing breaks down. The swagger and team pride goes away. There'll be a little trash talk for the rest of the week but the smiles that go with the talk say more than can be expressed with just words.
The smiles say that as much as you always wanted to beat that guy when you were in high school, now he's your teammate and he's the other team's problem.
Yesterday at Rowan University, the players that will make up the two teams that will play in Friday night's Adam Taliaferro All Star Football Classic had their first practice and made wary introductions.
Taliaferro Classic has Burlco players back in action

Basketball - Prospects

Count Sean Banks as yet another North Jersey basketball player considering Rutgers.
Banks, The Record's Player of the Year last season, in which he led Bergen Catholic to a State championship and the Tournament of Champions semifinals, said Tuesday that Rutgers, along with Seton Hall, are two schools on his list.
The 6-foot-7 Banks is an inside-outside threat who has had an impressive AAU season, collecting MVP honors at the Bob Gibbons tournament in North Carolina in May.
BC's Banks eyes Rutgers, Hall

Interesting Article

The road to college football's national championship game just got a bit tougher to negotiate.
Blowout victories over opponents are out -- in fact, margin of victory has been eliminated entirely for the seven computers that help determine the Bowl Championship Series rankings.
And a quality victory -- in which a team receives bonus points -- will now be defined as one that comes over a team in the Top 10 of the BCS rankings, not the Top 15, as had been the case.
Officials change course to football championship

They all laughed and joked last season. Everyone got a chance to take shots at the king. NC State and North Carolina made Florida State look human, and the rest of the ACC danced and pranced at the sheer joy of it all.
The big, bad Seminoles were reduced to second-tier status in a league they dominated the previous nine seasons.
"Embarrassing," says Seminoles defensive tackle Darnell Dockett. "Everyone associated with this program is committed to getting back to where we were."
Scouting the ACC

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