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Where are they now? Mike McMahon

After the Lions tabbed Harrington with the No. 3 overall pick, Millen was quick to note, "Mike McMahon is 'the guy' and he has had a year of experience and a year of training. We all know the time and effort and energy that we put into training a quarterback. We will see how fast and how far Joey Harrington will go." - Pro Football - Take 2 for M&M boys in Motown


Scouting Virginia Tech

The subject of much scrutiny in 2001, the Virginia Tech offensive line looks to be greatly improved in 2002. Already weakened by the graduation of four senior starters from 2000, the 2001 offensive line did not have the great short yardage running of Lee Suggs to work with. The 2002 version has a good mix of experience and youth, and it should be interesting to see how they develop as the year goes on. Let's take a look at the individual positions:
Offensive Tackle -- 2002 Football Preview: Offensive Line


Big East Basketball - The mess at WVU

WVU submitted their report to the Committee on Infractions on Thursday, June 20th, and will now wait to hear the results of their report. The NCAA could accept the report as is or request that additional investigation take place.
Of foremost consideration to most Mountaineer fans, Pastilong believes that the violations committed by three incoming players to the WVU program in June of 2001 are minor in nature, and will not result in any NCAA sanctions. However, such penalties have been levied in the past, and the final determination will be up to the NCAA. -- Pastilong Comments On Investigation


Big East Football - Another Pitt Verbal

Chris Vangas, a 6-foot-3, 290-pound center from Chaminade-Julienne High School in Dayton,Ohio, said yesterday he will play football for the University of Pittsburgh next year. Vangas said he had wanted to keep his decision a secret until next month for a personal reason, but that the news got out after he told friends.
Recruiting: Ohio lineman selects Panthers

National Football - Tweaking the BCS

The formula used to determine which college football teams will play for the national championship has changed.


Big East Commissioner Michael Tranghese, who will handle the administration of the Bowl Championship Series the next two years, announced two primary modifications in a teleconference call Tuesday afternoon . - BCS gives strength of schedule more weight


Bulletin Boards

Surprisingly many people don't yet know that we now have bulletin boards. We do:

Mike and the Big Dog's Bulletin Boards


Fan Feedback

On the future of Rutgers Basketball and Football: I think you, Big Dog and netwhispers are in for those most enjoyable 6 months upcoming than ever since you guys got involved with this type of thing?

1. You are going to have so much enjoyment announcing FB recruit commitment, one after another, of continued high calibre -- and you get to talk to them all along!! Just the first two are a great get -- and you have months of that fun ahead!

2. The noise being made by GW and staff on the BB side has the whole BE abuzz -- Doormats never again!

3. CVS and the women's team are certainly overcoming that aberration from last year -- lots cooking there as well.

I envy you the last half of this year.


Mike Fasano:

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