Questions Answered - Spring Camp

In anticipation of Greg Schiano's Spring Camp presser, wanted to make you, the fans, a part of the media process. We asked you to detail a set of questions to ask at this afternoon's presser. Below are the questions and answers to a trio of's selections.

Question 1. How do you feel compared to previous years on the attitude, depth, health, and expierience of your team coming out of spring camp?

Coach stated, unequivocally, that he felt that this team was better coming out of camp than last year's bowl-bound version, and that is with injuries to several high profile players including defensive tackles Eric Foster and Ramel Meekins, and special teams star Willie Foster.

Quality depth at most positions is up, including cornerback, which underperformed during its last outing in the Insight Bowl versus Arizona State. Safety is another position with plenty of options, including last year's stars Ron Girault and Courtney Greene, and new faces like Devon McCourty and Western Michigan transfer Marc Orosz.

Unlike previous seasons the biggest question marks are now for backup positions instead of starters, notably the backup center and backup long snapper roles.

Question 2. With all the hype surrounding Jabu Lovelace, it's inevitable he's going to see some significant playing time this upcoming season. With that said, what is the expected workload ... 30% of the snaps, 40% ... 50%? Could this eventually be a concern that it might lead to a QB controversy and is it conceivable to think that if Jabu were to get hot during a game, Teel might sit on the bench for the remaining of that game?

Coach spoke glowingly of both Teel and Lovelace, saying that both have matured greatly in their understanding of the game since last season, and Jabu in particular this spring. Coach Schiano would not elucidate with further details, stating only that Jabu could see time in a similar set to the one that was used with Tiquan Underwood last year – adding that Lovelace's better throwing ability would lead to different looks out of that setup.

Question 3. Which unit on the team has you most concerned going into summer camp?

In addition to the backup center and long snapper positions mentioned above Schiano stated that he was most concerned with the interior defensive line and the linebackers. The interior defensive line is hampered by injuries with Eric Foster and Ramel Meekins having undergone offseason surgery. He said that if both come back and play to their potential then there should be nothing to worry about.

As for the linebackers, current indications are that Rutgers remains thin at the position, but Schiano is buoyed by the fact that there are seven freshmen linebackers coming into the program this summer. He said that he expects several of them to see playing time this year, although he was loath to make predictions of who specifically those several would be.

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