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BELMAR -- Sean Axani remembers being pushed around in the paint by teams such as Larson Ford in his first few Jersey Shore Basketball League seasons. Last night, the Rutgers forward and his LB Financial teammates pushed back to hand Larson its first loss since the 2000 JSBL championship game with a surprising 115-102 win at St. Rose High School.
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Women's Basketball - Freshmen of impact

Cappie Pondexter- Rutgers
Although she will be listed as a sophomore, Cappie will be taking the court for the first time in 2002-03. The WBCA and Parade High School Player of the Year in 2001 can play the one or two. Pondexter should provide some much-needed offense for the Scarlet Knights next year, as well as being a solid defender on the perimeter.
The Top 21 New Players of Impact for 2001


Netwhisper's Mailbag

This fan wrote about next season:

Here's my take on it. Since no one was replying to that threadd, I thought I
would send it straight to you!

The 2001 season saw the team achieve some things that most fans and media
types thought was impossible. First they did not finish last and secondly,
they qualified for post season play. It was some bumps along the road, but
Coach Waters has brought fourth a new attitude amongst the team. They
believe in themselves and believe they can win. This year, I expect a more
athletic team than last year. I expect the players will be physically
stronger and have a better grasp of the defensive concepts coach wants to
fully instill. With our added athletic ability, it will allow us to press
more and utilize various types of presses. I expect to see an exciting
team. I think Coleman will have a monster season year and up his scoring
average at least 2 to 4 points per. Shields will continue to play Batman,
but I feel he will be more consistent this year. If shooting camp helps
Sherrod out, I see his average staying the same only because I believe his
minutes will go down some with the arrival of Wooten and reserve Wiggan to
spell him. Ax will be ax, although I hear he is getting cut up and may play
a bigger role this year that last. I still like him coming off the bench
though. The wild cards for this team will be Herve, Davis, Good and McCoy.
If Davis can provide an offensive and defensive spark, that will make us
more dangerous and a higher scoring team overall. I still don't want to put
too much of a burden on a freshman. So my other wild card is McCoy. Will
shooting camp help his stroke and confidence? I hope so. He has the
demeanor to be a player and with confidence in his outside shot, he should
be able to help the team out defensively and not de a liability on offense.
He must get stronger. Harry Good. How good will he be? I expect 6 and 6
just for his size alone. I think if he can do this and the improvement of
the other players, I see that up making up for the lost of Rashod. Herve,
will the rust wear off? Will he learn the instinctive defensive rotations?
Also will he get stronger? I think so. I also think he will improve and
become a 12 and 5 man with 2 to 3 blocks per.

So how many wins will RU get this year? I think will might win as many if
not one or two more games than last year. I think will we be right on the
bubble again. With consistent play on the interior and a 3rd scoring option
for Coleman and Shields, I think we will be a very dangerous team. On
paper, we have better offensive players coming in and that hopefully should
translate into Sherrod passing more and worrying about scoring less. Last
year we had 3 double figure scorers, if we have 4 on this year team, our
opponents will have a harder time keying on us when we go to the bench. I
hoping the other 2 scorers come from Sherrod, Herve or Davis. I predict a
19-12 or 20-11 record.

Big East Football - Pitt is on a roll -- Chris Vangas gives verbal to Pitt!!!


National Football - Black coaches denied opportunities

Since people first began keeping score, our nation's sporting events have doubled as a backdrop for the kind of societal implications that extend well beyond the playing field. From the Special Olympics to the NFL, our games are so tightly woven into the fabric of society that they can't help but become beacons of change and an inspiration to segments of the population. The examples are almost as plentiful as the results are profound. From a Jesse Owens Olympic performance in 1936 that discredited the beliefs of Adolph Hitler to a kid named Jim Abbott who ascended to the Major Leagues despite being born without a right hand, sports figures have long stirred emotions that can never be tallied on a scoreboard.
Ready, waiting and able

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Fan Feedback

 RU is it !!! Not Notre Dame like everyone else in the country thinks !!! We need to play that fact up to the national media and recruits. No other school can claim that fact. Why is it this is only minimally highlighted by our marketers and media people. Every college football fan should be continously reminded that RU started it all....Hell we even won the first game !!!
Hopefully through your site we can spread the word and get the message accross to the higher ups at the University that we need to exploit our past for future gains......

Your site is tops, prefer the old one, but you guys deserve some compensation for your work. Best of luck with the new format.

Mike Fasano:

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