Watson Names Top 5

One of the top offensive prospects from the Northeast is a wide receiver by the name of Lansford Watson. Watson, by way of Brooklyn (N.Y.) Abraham Lincoln High School caught 53 passes for 851 yards and 11 touchdowns as a Junior.

One of the top offensive prospects from the Northeast is wide receiver Lansford Watson from Brooklyn (N.Y.) Abraham Lincoln High School. Last season as a junior he caught 53 passes for 851 yards and 11 touchdowns.

"I can beat you two ways," said Watson. "I can catch that short pass or I can run right by you. I think my game is a lot like T.O. (Terrell Owens) and Chad Johnson. That's who I pattern my play after."

According to Watson he has scholarship offers from 13 schools, including all the college football teams in his top five.

"Right now I like Maryland, Syracuse, Rutgers, West Virginia and Penn State. They have all offered and they are all even.

"Maryland is near D.C. and D.C. is a lot like New York City. I also love Vernon Davis and what he did there and I think I can be a lot like that for them. I can get bigger and play both tight end and wide receiver.

"Both Syracuse and Rutgers are so close to home and not too far for my family to see me play.

"I saw West Virginia a lot on TV last season and I love how they use their wide receivers.

"Did you know that Joe Paterno is from Brooklyn? He used to live a few blocks from where I went to school. He knows what it takes to get out of this city and I respect that.

"I want to go to a school in a great conference to help prepare me for the NFL. And if the NFL doesn't work out I know I need to go to a school where I can network myself well so I can get a great job out of school. All of the teams I am looking at are in the Northeast region and it's important for me to stay around here so my family can see me play."

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