Lansford Watson - Rutgers Combine MVP

With over 200 participants flowing into the "Bubble" at Rutgers University on Sunday at the Scout.Com All-American Combine on a rain soaked day, there were two athletes that stood out. That is saying a lot considering the number of outstanding players who took part in the combine. Both of these athletes are giving their state school, Rutgers, a very hard look. Indeed, one of these prospects has already named his Top 5. Check out this Non-Premium article for more ...

Lansford Watson and Anthony Davis were outstanding at the combine, but Watson tested in all the events so he gets the slight nod over Davis as the "MVP" for the Scout.Com All-American Combine at Rutgers University.

Watson, 6-foot-3 and 226 pounds from Abraham Lincoln High in Brooklyn, N.Y., wowed onlookers when he ran a 4.69 forty-yard dash, 4.28 shuttle and a 7.82 L-cone. He the posted a 9-0 standing broad jump and a 34.5" vertical.

During the one-on-one competition is when the quiet and unassuming Watson took control. Using his superior size and athleticism, Watson is one of the more agile 226-pound receivers that you will see on the field. He reminded me of a thicker Vidal Hazelton.


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Watson was thrilled upon hearing that he had been chosen as the combine's "MVP"

"It feels good, I went out and proved myself," Watson said. "I proved that I am one of the best and I represented my city. I showed that New York has players and we should be respected. I am glad I had a chance to prove that."

Watson came away impressed with the combine as a whole.

"I just felt really comfortable there, the coaches and players all helped each other," Watson explained. "Everyone was working towards a goal. The top players in the area were here, the weather kept a few away. I had a few recruiting guys trying to tell me not to come and I should only go to another combine, but I am glad I came here."

Watson received an offer from Miami the day after the combine, giving him 14 so far.

As far as favorites go, the always politically correct and charismatic Watson stated "I'm still open, but if I were to pick five I'd say Rutgers, Syracuse, Maryland, Penn State, and Pittsburgh. I also like North Carolina. My coach likes them and they play in a pretty good conference."

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