Catching up with Marlon Romulus

Marlon Romulus is one of the more intriguing prospects of this year's incoming class. To most Scarlet Knights' fans, as well as others in the recruiting world, Marlon was a relative unknown. According to Marlon there were several reasons for that.

"Coming from Long Island, and not being noticed my junior year, plus not attending any camps made it a little more difficult to get noticed. Plus my passion for football began to develop quite late. I always liked the game, but my first love has always been basketball," stated Marlon Romulus in a recent interview with

When I first heard this, I naturally had to assume Marlon has great footwork. He replied "I think what stands out most in my tape is my footwork, quickness, balance and ability to get leverage. I have been playing AAU basketball since 4th grade for the Long Island Lightening and played three years of high school ball. All of those years of basketball have helped me on the football field," continued Marlon.

In his senior year, the light went on for Marlon and he dedicated himself to being a force on the football field.

"I just worked really hard my senior year and went at it. I played guard on offense and DE on defense. I did well on both sides of the ball. Luckily, the Rutgers coaches liked me enough to offer me a scholarship. I am blessed to go to Rutgers. It is a wonderful opportunity for me".

In the meantime, Marlon has decided to not play basketball or any spring sports, and has been concentrating solely on strength and conditioning.

"I got the Rutgers workout and it has been very challenging, but I love it. I am working out 5-days per week. My high school coaches have noticed a difference in my body. I have been cutting down my body fat and gaining muscle. I also grew about a ½ inch. I am about 6'3 ½ 290 now.".

Marlon, as well as his two future Scarlet Knight teammates from Long Island Blair Bines and Julian Hayes, will participate in the Governor's Bowl. He is scheduled to play DL in that game.

Lastly, Marlon re-affirmed that he will be playing the center position at Rutgers. He states he has been practicing his snapping technique with a former teammate and that it has been going well.

This is another under-the-radar type lineman that seems like a great get for the Scarlet Knights.

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