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Big East Football

IT DIDN'T TAKE Antonio Brown long to show the Canadian Football League what Big East defensive backs learned the hard way about the former Mountaineer wide receiver.

The guy has blazing speed.
Gazette Online - Dave Weekley

National Football

The new BCS changes are supposed to solve past problems and instill better solutions for top ranked teams. The system affects any team with a good enough record and can determine its course to the postseason. What the system does not do is configure conference championships properly into it.
Lucey-The BCS

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On flags:

I just read this. I think you can get them online through the bookstore or
Scarlet Fever. If this fan can't truly get one on line, give him my email
address and tell him to email me. I will send him one - I have an extra flag
- 3' X 3' black background with a big red Knight's head, a big red "R", and
"Rutgers" in red underneath both.

Mike Fasano:

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