Richard Muldrow has a top 3

At 6'8"-285lbs, Richard Muldrow's offer list is approaching the double digits with some of the best schools in the nation requesting film. However, Muldrow has a list of his top three schools which contains two Big East programs.

The beginning of May started one of the most important periods of the recruiting process - the May evaluation period. Therefore, recruiting will be heating up for many prospects like Richard Muldrow. Currently, Muldrow holds twelve offers. But he has had his films requested by USC, Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Georgia, LSU, Iowa, NC State, Virginia, UConn.. Although he has attracted the attention of the below schools, his list of favorites include (in order) West Virgina, Maryland, Rutgers, Boston College, and Vanderbuilt.

If Muldrow has to make a decision today, he stated that he would select West Virginia. He likes "the coaching staff, the facilities, and also the student life... and how well the team chemistry is". Trailing West Virginia is Florida State and Rutgers. The tradition, student life, and coaching legend Bobby Bowden for the reasons why Florida State is second on his list. As for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, he likes the coaching staff, facilities, team chemistry, and the fact that the team is on the rise.

Since it is still early in the recruiting process, his list might change especially when and if the schools listed above all tender offers.Even if they all offered, they will all have to wait for him to make all five of his official visits before he makes a decision.

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