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The final installation of our interview with Greg Schiano is on-line. There are some pieces of interesting information. Greg Schiano Interview - Part 6 of 6

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Football - All-Star Game

Somerville High School graduate and All-State first-team member Ryan Carty isn't the only talented Skyland Conference quarterback going to the University of Delaware in the fall. But, unlike Carty, Watchung Hills' Jeff Bassman isn't in the Blue Hens' football plans -- not yet anyway.
"Who knows," Bassman said Friday after the Skyland Conference all-stars wrapped up practice for tonight's sixth annual Sunshine Bowl. "Maybe I'll try to walk on next year, but this year, I just want to go down and get settled."
Watchung Hills' Bassman expected to open up Skyland Conference's offense


She would never know how closely her boys had listened to her, how seriously they took her counsel, until that awful Saturday afternoon when Lateria Wooten believed her heart was about to break and her world was set to collapse.
Really, how is a mother to know? All Lateria ever wanted was for her two oldest sons to stop arguing with each other when they were little. Clarence, nicknamed "Boo," was three years older than Calvin, nicknamed "Casey." Sometimes, it was a pain for Boo to drag his kid brother to the playground, or to Drew Middle School, where all the neighborhood kids played basketball.
Calvin Wooten survive a stabbing and instilled values that make him a top catch for Rutgers

Around the Big East

A high school football player with a scholarship to Syracuse was shot and killed Saturday in a hail of gunfire.
Omain Gullette, 19, was standing on a southwest Philadelphia street corner with a friend Saturday afternoon when three gunman rounded the corner and started shooting. Gullette was shot 13 times in the chest and pronounced dead at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
Syracuse recruit dies in shootout

Interesting Article

The kids were waiting to hear the speaker.
There were roughly 300 of them, and they were in Providence College's Alumni Hall Wednesday afternoon at Tim Welsh's basketball camp. In front of them was Marvin Barnes, one of the school's all-time great players, back in the same gym where life once had seemed so innocent, back before he became the poster child for squandered potential.
"Do you need a ball?" a man asked Barnes as he stood in front of the kids.
"I don't need a ball," Barnes said. "This isn't about the ball."
No, it wasn't.
Marvin Barnes once thought he was invincible; not anymore, though

What are they doing now? - Eddie Jordan

Nets assistant coach Eddie Jordan interviewed for the Denver Nuggets head coaching job on Monday.
Jordan, who compiled a 33-64 mark in 1-plus seasons as coach of the Sacramento Kings, met with Nuggets general manager Kiki Vandeweghe Monday afternoon before flying home.
Nets' Jordan interviews for Nuggets' head coaching job

Donald "Big Dog" Forbes:

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