Grosso Stands out at Elite

Anthony Grosso now stands at 6-foot-7 inches and 290-pounds. With an impressive frame, Grosso took his show to Randolph, New Jersey, earlier this week where he competed against some of the top linemen in the east at the Elite College Combine.

Anthony Grosso, by way of Matawan Regional HS (Aberdeen, NJ) went up against some of the top linemen in the east this past Monday. And while Grosso may have gone into the event as a relative unknown, he leaves it as the runner-up for offensive MVP, just behind Anthony Davis.

"We got to the Meadow Wood Manor and the first thing we did was check in. Then they called me to do a little interview so I did that. It was a very nice facility, with two football fields," continued Grosso.

Indeed, the indoor field is actually made of two fields separated at the endzone by the entrance and hallway. On one side of the facility, on one field, competed the offensive players and on the other side, on the other field, were the defensive players.

After some individual warm-ups and team warm-ups, it was time for the individual testing.

Grosso performed well, notching a 7'10" in the broad jump, running a 5.36 in the 40-yard dash and a 5.03-second shuttle. But it wasn't until the 1-on-1s that Grosso began to showcase his talents.

"There were a lot of good guys out there. Some very good competition. I went up against Marvin Austin (Coolidge HS, Washington, DC) and I thought I did well," stated the often humble Grosso. "It was a solid battle with him and it was a stalemate."

Though Austin and others served as solid competition for Grosso, it was another player that the Matawan HS star was impressed with the most.

"I thought Thomas Weaver from Irvington HS [6-feet-2 and 260-pounds] was probably the best guy that I went up against. He was very good all-around," said Grosso.

With such a solid performace against top competition, recruiting has begun to pick up for Grosso. Already holding an offer from Duke, several other schools have already made visits. This Tuesday, Stanford, Duke, and Maryland all stopped by. Grosso's coach informed him that Rutgers was supposed to have stopped by on Wednesday but Anthony hadn't been notified of that as of the writing of this interview.

More generally, the gentle Jerseyan is receiving interest from schools all over the country, including the aforementioned schools plus Virginia, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Northwestern, and others.

Grosso plans on making several one-day stops at a number of colleges this summer, but the exact travel destinations have not been layed out yet. Grosso does, at this time, plan on stopping by and competing at the Rutgers camp.

Weight Room Numbers
Bench: 435
Squat: 345 for 6-8 reps

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