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I've gotten a ton of mail lately and apologize that I haven't had the time to answer every one of you.  There are several questions that I've answered in emails and on the message boards that keep repeating themselves.



What's the inside scoop with the Package Deal? 


I first heard of this a little over a month ago maybe up to six weeks ago.  The Bergen Record broke the story and then has been following it.  For those of you in the dark, the basic concept is that five local high school basketball stars that play for the same AAU team want to go to college together.  The only college allegedly recruiting them all is Rutgers. The five players include Jamar Nutter of the Pony Pirates, Marquise Webb and Mookie Watkins of Paterson Catholic, Terrence Roberts of the Jersey City Friars and Will Sheridan of Sanford, Delaware.  All five play for Jim Salmon's Tim Thomas Playaz AAU squad and are good friends.


 The two main movers and shakers for this group appear to be Nutter and Webb.  Jamar and Marquise have given several interviews on the subject.  Jamar seems to want to take the ball and run with it. He appears to be a leader both and off the court.  I believe Marquise also has these qualities and is a winner both by example based on his work ethic and by his performance on the court.  Mookie and Marquise are best of friends and play for the same high school.  Watkins, Roberts and Sheridan are all excellent inside forces that know each other and will only improve. This group of power studs will not only improve individually but as a unit if they select to come as a unit.


If this is going to happen, it's going to happen soon. 



Have there been any Five Star Camps yet this year?


Honesdale, Pennsylvania, I took place from June 15 –20, 2002.  Four New Jersey kids won some honor.  Terrence Roberts was selected as co-MVP of the camp.  Bergen Catholic's, Sean Banks, was the high scorer.  Mbainai Narmbaye of Burlington Life was the best rebounder.  Obie Nwadike of St. Anthony's was the best rebounder and MVP of the playoffs.  M and Nwadike both stepped up big time during the week.  M hasn't even started to scratch the surface of his potential and is going to be a real steal for someone.


You spoke about a certified tournament, what makes a tournament certified?


According to the NCAA you must fulfill eleven requirements to be certified.


1-     All coaches must be approved under the new statute.

2-     You can't market any athlete's abilities.

3-     You can't have any marketing agency supply money to the event that may try to market a player at the event.

4-     All players must conform to the 100-Mile rule.

5-     Members of the staff cannot have any previous convictions related to sports bribery or any other illegal endeavors in the sports field.

6-     Coaches can only be paid at the standard rate with no bonuses.

7-     There must be a session on eligibility standards

8-     No camper or recruit can receive free footwear.  The only free sports clothing given can be camp T shirts.

9-     Admission fees to all participants must be standard.

10-  Players, coaches and family members may not be transported to and from the event free of charge nor shall any of the aforementioned receive any gift either material or monetary.

11-   A full disclosure of the financial operation of the event must be provided.


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