Justin Sinclair: Academic & Football Talent

At 5-foot-5 and 150-pounds, what Justin Sinclair (The Peddie School, NJ) lacks in size he more than makes up for with his playmaking ability.

Justin Sinclair arrived to the Rutgers Scout.com Combine as a relative unknown. However, he left as a Rutgers All-Combine Team honoree after excelling in the one-on-ones and displaying his ability to cover anyone that came his way. Sinclair's best performance came against another local standout by the name of Terrence Fox (Piscataway Township HS, Piscataway, NJ).

SOR.com asked the extremely well-spoken and amiable Sinclair to take us through some of his Combine highlights.

"I only played DB and I remember covering the receiver from Piscataway [Terrence Fox]. He was very quick, agile and exposive. I also remember covering Daryl Robinson of Northeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia. I played press coverage on Daryl and had a very good jam on him. It made him take a step back which gave me more time to read and react to his movements. He ran a five-to-seven-yard-in yet I closed on the ball and batted it down," said Sinclair.

"Against Piscataway's receiver, I played off. At five yards, I read his body language and eyes as he approached the line. I knew that he would run a short route because his hips began to rise at about 4 or 5 yards. He pushed off me which caused my foot to become caught underneath his, making me stumble a bit. I once again closed on the ball. He initially caught the ball yet I punched through the ball with my foward hand, leaving the behind hand free in case I was not successful on the punch. I successfully ripped the ball causing him to drop the pass and somehow hit his legs as he was in the air causing his body to fall horizontally. Many of the DBs as well as the WRs commended me for this physical effort as well as Coach Cox who picked me as one of the top 4 DBs of the Scout.com All-American Combine at Rutgers," continued Sinclair.

Sinclair is the perfect example of why coaches go outside the Internet-based world to recruit, with their eyes, rather through on-line profiles. Though the Combine was not held during the early evaluation period, Sinclair's performance and second-team All-Combine recognition served as a necessary first step to help elevate his stock.

Sinclair is currently hearing from a number of schools including Syracuse, Maryland, Lehigh, Stony Brook, Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Albany, Monmouth, Towson, Johns Hopkins, Colgate, Georgetown, and Wagner. The list includes schools such as UPenn, Harvard and Yale. Taking a full coarse-load - in addition to his football duties and Track & Field participation - that includes Pre-Calculus, Math-Physics, and Spanish 3, all while maintaining a B-average, Sinclair helps redefine the definition of student-athlete by excelling at both. On the field Sinclair played a number of positions including Cornerback, Punt Returner, Kick Returner, Running Back, and Wide Receiver. After a Junior year culminating with 4 interceptions, 60 tackles, and an estimated 400 all-purpose yards on offense Sinclair is ready for a breakthrough Senior season at Peddie.

SOR.com will continue to keep in touch with Sinclair while following his summer camping tour. Sinclair expects to camp at Syracuse and Maryland this summer.

Matei can be contacted at mgeorge@rutgersfootball.com

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