4 Finalists for Waithe

After last week's torturous ending to the LT-saga, Rutgers fans quickly learned of a long and lean wing prospect from north of the border that had made his way to campus. SOR.com caught up with Grassroots Canada's Head Coach and Founder, to get the latest on Marvell Waithe, including his trip to Rutgers and impending decision-making timetable.

Marvell Waithe, by way of Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI (Scarborough, ON) is a long and lean wing prospect [6'8"/190-pounds] that is one of the top overall players in Canada. A prolific High School scorer Waithe notched 40 pts in a Toronto East victory vs. Pearson (69-57) and poured in 51 pts in another Toronto East win vs. Thomson 84-53.

Do these numbers sound a bit gaudy? Fans may need to sit down when checking out Waithe's season stats.

"He averaged 35.5 points per game, 12 rebounds, 5 blocks and 5 assists," said Ro Russell, Waithe's Grassroots Canada AAU Coach. Waithe also averaged 22 points per game to go along with 8 rebounds this past summer at the Reebok Big Time Tournament.

"The number one player in Canada," as Rusell warmly refers to him, is down to four schools after concluding his visits this past week. The schools are, in no particular order, Cincinnati, Duquesne, Loyola-Chicago, and Rutgers.

A time of 1PM has been set for next Tuesday at which point Waithe will announce his collegiate choice.

Who are the leaders at this point?

"Right now it's up in the air. He's contemplating a few different things. He's intrigued to go to a smaller school where he may have a better opportunity to play early but he is intrigued about playing in the Big East also," stated Rusell.

Waithe has received scholarship offers from each of his four finalists.

This past week, Waithe visited the Rutgers campus, had a chance to meet with the coaches, staff, and academic advisors, in addition to touring the campus.

"He liked the new coach, Fred Hill, and what he had to say. He got along with the players there well. He had a good time. He met with all the academic people for his major and learned about the student services available, because it's a tough academic school. He had a chance to see the football facilities, the weight room. A chance to see that they are putting money into the program and it was impressive," said Russell.

For fans eager to learn a bit more about Waithe's style of play, SOR.com asked Russell to describe his pupil's on-court style.

"He's in the same mold as Tyshaun Prince. He has a really good touch, he blocks shots, he rebounds well and he slashes," stated Russell.

Russell states that Waithe is looking for a place that can grant him immediate playing time as a Freshman, and a place that can help develop him as a player and person.

For Rutgers fans, the wait for Waithe begins now.

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