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Big East Basketball

Pitt senior guard Brandin Knight had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Tuesday and will need at least two months of rehabilitation before he can resume playing basketball. Dr. Craig Bennett removed a tiny piece of floating cartilage from Knight's knee, which was injured in the final seconds of regulation of a double-overtime, 74-65 loss to Connecticut in the championship game of the Big East Conference tournament.
Basketball: Pitt's Knight has surgery on injured knee


Respect for Rutgers

The Sox' schedule in the first half looks a little like the Boston College basketball schedule. The Blue Jays, Devil Rays, Tigers, and Royals represent Stony Brook, Harvard, Morris Brown, and St. Francis - opponents enlisted to pad the win column and get you into the postseason. Meanwhile, the Yankees, Mariners, Dodgers, Diamondbacks, and Braves represent Georgetown, Connecticut, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Rutgers. They test you and tell you how good you are. Too often this year, the Sox have not even been tested.
Boston Globe Online / Sports / Just for the record: How good are they?


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Fan Feedback

On yesterday's fan feedback, this fan noted:

I have to say, looking at today's [Saturday's] fan feedback I am a bit surprised by the
attitude of some fans. How can they be upset with you guys trying to make
a buck? They think you should just do all this work for free? He says it's
sad because 'the poor' can not afford to get their recruiting info
anymore.......... only in this incredible country do 'the poor' have home

This fan added:

If I was you, I could not help but be upset over the constant carping and
complaining over your new site. You provide a valuable service to many
Rutgers fans. No one is forced to come your site. Let the complainers out
there sift through every site themselves trying to find out the latest
Rutgers news. You and I both know NJ.com, Injersey.com et al. "popup" ads on
their sites. As for paying, no one has a gun pointed to their head. I myself
have not signed up for premium service but I still enjoy your site. If these
whiners want a better site, let them start their own. They can't begin to
imagine the amount of time and resources that must be invested. This is still
a free country, if people are dissatisfied with your site let them go
somewhere else for Rutgers news. I, for one, am still grateful for your


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