Jesse Holley Update

Jesse Holley, WR, S, 6-4, 190, 4.4 Roselle High School 

Offer Update

Tennessee has now added a verbal offer. Jesse already had offers from Virginia, Rutgers, Syracuse, Duke, Iowa, Penn State, Notre Dame, UNC, NC State, West Virginia, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio State


Current leaders

Maryland - "I love the atmosphere, I love the campus, it is away from home but not too far."

Virginia - "Beautiful campus, another nice area. They are losing their big playmaker after this year, and that would open a slot for me to slide in. It is a good opportunity."

Michigan - "Tradition. They have one of the greatest traditions ever. You play in front of 100,000 fans. They always have top receivers and a good passing game. I feel I can be a big time playmaker for them."

Notre Dame - "Another big school with a great tradition. They also have a great university where you can get a great education. Going there means so much, you can always get a job when you graduate. It is an honor to be considered by a school like that."

Syracuse - " The Dome. You can play in the dome in front of 50,000 fans. It has its downside. It is cold in the winter but the spring is beautiful. It is a football town. If you play football, everyone knows you. Every basketball game I have been too they put 29,000 in the Dome. For football games, they put 50,000 in the Dome. Jameel Dumas went to my school and he plays there. They always have an agile quarterbacks and speedy receivers. I  feel I could come in and make an immediate impact."

Tennessee - "There's another school with a tradition of great wide receivers."

Days at camp

Jesse did not attend camps this year. His school year went on to very late and most of the camps were done. He noted, " I also played AAU basketball. It would have been good for me to go to football camps but my name is already out there, so I went to the ABCD camp in basketball so I can put my name out there in basketball."


Will he make and early decision or a late one?

"I'll make a decision mid way through my senior season."


Summer  plans

"I'll be working in the weight room and on the track. I have been working with friends who are in Div 1A schools and they are showing me a lot of reads and other things to improve my play. After that I go to the weight room. I am also working on my acceleration off the line. I feel that most people can't catch me from behind so I am working on my acceleration from the line."



Last year Jesse played quarterback, wide receiver and free safety in football and wing guard in basketball. He excelled in everything he did. As a basketball player he averaged 19 points per game. As a quarterback he hit 25 of 55 passes for 225 yards, as a free safety he had 45 tackles (38 solos) and three interceptions but the stats that have college coaches attention are those dealing with what Jesse can do as a wide receiver. Last year Jesse had 49 catches for 865 yards and 15 touchdowns. That's over 17 yards per completion. Those stats were good enough for Second Team All State, First Team All County, First Team All Conference and First Team All Area.

In addition, Jesse is a bright and well spoken young man who is a pleasure to talk to.

Mike Fasano:

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