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Football Recruiting - Sammis talks about choosing Virginia

"I know [the Scarlet Knights] are going to take it pretty hard," Sammis said. "I really liked Rutgers, too, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to U.Va." | U.VA. NOTES

Big East Football - BCS changes bad for Big East

So what does it all mean? To understand the BCS changes, I called Kenneth Massey, the VT Ph.D. student who authored and administers one of the computer polls used in the BCS. Kenneth, I asked, what's it all mean? "Strength of schedule's going to be way overrated," he answered. "Now the computers are going to go solely on strength of schedule and wins/losses, and strength of schedule's going to dominate that for sure.  "There's going to be no way for a team to compensate [for a weak schedule or a game against a weak opponent]. If Virginia Tech plays Temple and beats them 56-0, that shouldn't cause Virginia Tech's rating to go down, but under the new system, it will, just because they're playing a bad team." In other words, a 7-6 squeaker over Temple is worth as much as that 56-0 blowout. Something's wrong with this picture. TSL Columnists -- Will Stewart


Big East Basketball

Georgetown confirmed yesterday that guard Ashanti Cook of Westchester High in Los Angeles has enrolled at the university.

Cook, 6 feet 3 and 175 pounds, is expected to battle sophomore Drew Hall for the point guard spot, which will be the only starting position up for grabs at the beginning of practice for next season. He averaged 13 points, 7 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals last season on a team that won the state title. Cook had committed to New Mexico but changed his mind after the school made a coaching change.
Georgetown Gets 'Lucky,' Lands Cook


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Personally, I have no problem with the new site and do not understand some of the complaints. I think it is a big step up. Congratulations. If I didn't know you guys I'd be mildly concerned about someone trying to make a buck off the team. But I'm sure you fellows have the right motivations. Even if I never meet you guys, the history of the great product you have put out for years, and all the good free stuff you still provide, would sell me. You both certainly deserve some compensation for all the service you provide Rutgers fans.

Mike Fasano:

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