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Marquis Webb, the ringleader of a quintet considering playing basketball at the same college, back-pedaled Monday from a published report that said he and four AAU teammates, all Top 100 prospects, would commit to Rutgers as a group.
"It could happen, but I think it's pretty slim right now," Webb said during Monday's 18th annual Adidas ABCD camp at Fairleigh Dickinson University's Rothman Center.
"People have been gassing it up like we're definitely doing it. Nobody said we are definitely going to do it. (The report) was definitely blown out of proportion. It's just a rumor."
While Webb, a 6-foot-4 guard from Paterson Catholic, downplayed the idea, three of his AAU teammates Darryl Watkins, Will Sheridan and Jamar Nutter said the group commitment remains a possibility.
Paterson Catholic players consider going to Rutgers to play together

Daevon Haskins, the first recruit to sign a National Letter of Intent to play at Rutgers University under coach Gary Waters, has failed to qualify academically and will not enroll at the state university, according to assistant coach Garland Mance.
Haskins was part of a four-player recruiting class that included incoming freshmen Cortez Davis, Calvin Wooten and JUCO transfer Harry Good.
Basketball recruit Haskins won't enroll at Rutgers


USA Baseball will announce the winner of the 2002 Golden Spikes Award - amateur baseball's most prestigious honor - tomorrow, Tuesday, July 9, during the premier broadcast of the 25th Anniversary Golden Spikes Award show. The broadcast - produced in coordination with the Major League Baseball Players Association - will also announce the 11 former Golden Spikes winners named to the 25th Anniversary Golden Spikes Award Team, and will also highlight some of the various youth baseball programs presented by USA Baseball and the MLBPA. Rutgers pitcher Bobby Brownlie (Edison, NJ) is one of five finalists for the award, along with Russ Adams (UNC), Jeff Baker (Clemson), Khalil Greene (Clemson) and Jeremy Guthrie (Stanford).
Brownlie Named One of Five Finalists for Golden Spikes Award

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The conversation took place outside the Rothman Center at Fairleigh Dickinson University yesterday, two old friends from the summer basketball circuit making small talk.
It was between John Calipari, head coach at Memphis, and Sandy Pyonin, a prominent AAU coach from West Orange, shortly before the start of the Adidas ABCD Camp. Calipari joked about how thin Pyonin looked these days. Pyonin responded that he was still playing basketball every day to stay in shape.
After about 30 seconds, the two coaches shook hands and parted ways. But as he walked away, Pyonin had to think twice about what just took place.
NCAA has put clamp on camps

Derrick Caracter finds himself competing this week against some of America's best recruits - even though he has yet to put on a high school jersey.
For Caracter, it's an opportunity to blend in and prove in front of the nation's top college coaches and NBA scouts that at age 14, he's every bit as good as the other 200 or so campers in Indianapolis.
"I want people to say by the time I leave here that I'm not just a good eighth grader," Caracter said before the games started yesterday afternoon. "I want them to say that I'm one of the top 15 players at the camp."
Middle school players join Nike Camp

Arthur Bowers streaked downcourt, with no defenders in sight. The senior from Wilmington, Del., cradled the ball in his right hand and levitated for the inevitable dunk. As the ball went through, at least one fan let out an "Ooooh.''
Meanwhile, the hundreds of guys in the golf shirts sitting in the stands maintained their expressionless faces, and didn't even pause to make any notes. They've all seen too many dunks in too many gyms by too many people to get excited over another one.
There will be plenty of one-handed dunks, behind-the-back dribbles, and no-look passes during this week's Adidas ABCD camp, which continues through Thursday at Fairleigh Dickinson's Rothman Center. But if you want to impress the crowd that matters, try making a backdoor cut or taking a charge. That will get you noticed by the college recruiters, professional scouts, and basketball analysts who will be grading the 200-plus participants at this week's camp.
Coaches want to see heart along with the skills

Charlie Villanueva was at the Theater at Madison Square Garden last month when a couple of high school stars had to endure the frustration and embarrassment of not having their name called at the NBA draft.
Preps Have Big-League Dreams

You've waited two months for this bad boy. More poll chow for these dog days
You will notice that much has changed in the latest edition of's Offseason Top 25. Oklahoma and Texas are now 1-2, suggesting a BCS Armageddon at the end of the season: The Sooners and Longhorns meeting for a second time in the Fiesta Bowl.
Miami has dropped from No. 2 to No. 3, suggesting nothing more than a good column angle (Oklahoma-Texas). Also in this edition, Washington State has moved up from No. 18 to No. 7 just by laying by the pool.
Offseason Top 25: Oklahoma, Texas lead pack

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