Where does Catalina Stand?

With the recent commitment (earlier this week) of HS teammate Max Suter to Syracuse, interest now shifts over to the impact of that commitment on QB Cody Catalina and WR Nick Sukay. How will Suter's commitment influence their decision?

Cody Catalina had this to share: "I am not going to lie. Syracuse is really up there on my list, but I am still open in the process. Max is pushing me to go up there and join him at ‘Cuse. We have been friends since childhood and with having a comfort level with Syracuse, it makes it that much more of a nicer option".

Catalina believes Suter wanted to close out his recruitment because of a genuine excitement in the Syracuse program, as well as his wanting to focus on baseball, where Suter has a good chance to be drafted in next year's draft. However, "I feel 98% sure Suter will end up at Syracuse when all is said and done".

In terms of Greensberg's other star, Nick Sukay, Catalina mentioned that "Nick has a high interest in Syracuse and the concept of all of us going up there as a package - we have discussed it. But he has so many other options right now. Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Penn State are some of his recent offers".

This summer, Catalina will not be attending any camps but instead is focused on slinging it out in 7-on-7 shoot outs. "Right now, we are scheduled to go to Youngstown State, Louisville, Notre Dame, one at our school, Akron and Syracuse for 7-on-7 competitions. They are a lot of fun. Last year, we were 24-1 in 7-on7s, with our only loss in the finals versus Male HS in Louisville, KY. For those not in the know, Male is a hot bed for high school talent and was the home of potential future first-rounder Michael Bush.

Lastly, Catalina states that Rutgers is still an option. He also shared that Coach Schiano and Susan were in school today and thus showing Rutgers' continued interest in this hot prospect from Western Pennsylvania.

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