John Elliott - Top OL Narrows List

John Elliott, one of the top ofensive linemen in the nation, had stated previously that his list of suitors would soon be cut down. Indeed, as May is soon to draw to a close, Elliott, by way of East Meadow HS (East Meadow, NY) has done just that. Who has made the cut and who hasn't?

John Elliott (6-foot-5 and 290-pounds) saw his recruiting stock begin to soar this past winter. Barely through the first week of February, Elliott's offer list had already eclipsed double digits. The big man's participation at the Elite College Combine the previous May showcased his skills and potential, as Elliott was tested by rising Junior Marvin Austin and national prospect Phillip Taylor. Though only a Sophomore at the time, Elliott was more than able to hold his own, being bested in the one-on-ones only once. The following autumn saw Elliott perform at a high level and colleges from across the nation quickly took notice.

Fast forward toward the end of May and Elliott's offer list, based on no combine participation, has swelled to 23 scholarship offers.

"Right now he's at 23 offers. The latest schools to offer were Marshall, Florida, Tennessee, and Purdue," stated East Meadow Head Coach Vinny Mascia.

For weeks Elliott has been stating that his efforts for the rest of the spring would be focused on narrowing down his choice of schools, from an unwieldy 23 to a more managable 9.

"He's definitely ready to narrow it down," stated Coach Mascia.

Has that day arrived for Elliott?

"Yes, I have narrowed it down to 9 schools," stated Elliott. Elliott listed the following schools as his finalists, in no particular order: Virginia, West Virginia, Rutgers, Maryland, North Carolina, Boston College, Florida, Florida State, and Michigan. All the aforementioned schools have extended offers.

"They all kind of have different things about them that I like. But I don't have a [further] list of favorites or anything," stated Elliott.

Elliott, who had received three official offers by last September 1st, was and still remains surprised by the tremendous amount of attention coming his way. To say that he is humbled is to understate the situation.

Recently, offered Coach Mascia, Elliott was asked by one of his friends and teammates as to the amount of offers he had received. Elliott, seemingly abashed and still uncomfortable with the stardom of his person, could not bring himself to offer the exact number. "He told his friend that he only had 6 or 7 offers. He had over 20 offers already," stated Coach Mascia.

Elliott has been spending the majority of this spring researching a good deal of schools, including taking weekend visits to a number of them. "There was a time where I spent 2 to 3 weeks just visiting 4 different schools," stated Elliott. Some of the recipients of Elliott's interest included WVU, UVA, and BC. Rutgers has already been visited by Elliott, including a Spring practice earlier this spring.

"It was the first one that I'd seen. It was great to see how a college practice would be. I got to watch practice and see how game film is broken down. It was a great experience," stated Elliott.

At this time, Elliott has no firm plans on summer camps, except for a work-out at the New Jersey based school, Rutgers, whose main campus is located in New Brunswick.

"He's going to work out for Coach Flood at Rutgers. It's an opportunity for them to work together," said Coach Mascia.

Rutgers Offensive Line Coach Kyle Flood, originally from New York and a former St. Francis Prep High School gridiron star is recruiting John Elliott for Rutgers. "We have a very good relationship," stated Elliott in regards to his primary Rutgers recruiter. "I've spoken to him plenty of times. He was by the school this past week watching me work out. We're good friends."

A nearly 90-average student, Elliott states that much of his current research, alongside his father, involves looking at the academic side of things. "Basically, I want to find a place that has a good name for when I graduate," stated Elliott.

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