Pedro Sosa

Pedro Sosa 6-10-2002 Pedro Sosa (LT, 6'5"-275lbs, 4.9)

In the NFL, one of the most important positions is left tackle. These players protect the backside of the QB. As a result, this is a much-pursued position. One of the best players at this position in New Jersey this year is Pedro Sosa. He has over 15 scholarship offers.

He lists his favorites, in order, as Rutgers, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

He would like to make a decision in September.

What does he like about Rutgers and Virginia?

- it is close to home and provides his family the chance to watch all of his home games.
- likes the coaching staff
- feels very comfortable at the school and with the coaching staff.

- likes the coaching staff
- the coaches make him feel like he is already part of the team.

His biggest decision factor in selecting a school is has comfort level and relationship with the coaching staff. In order to develop as a player and get accustomed to the school, he would like to redshirt.

Sosa has not visited Virginia but has a trip schedule for the first week of August.

Sosa has attended most of the events that have been held at Rutgers. As a result, he is very comfortable with the coaching staff and the facilities at the school.

He plans on majoring in business or criminal justice. Depending upon his choice of majors, he will like to become an entrepreneur or pursue a career in the CIA.

We will check back with him in a month.

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