Hutchins ends his recruitment

Rutgers adds its third commitment to the 2006 recruiting class with the pledge of Al-Majid Hutchins. This aggressive CB will look to make an immediate impact to the Rutgers defensive backfield as a freshman.

Rutgers' recruiting has begun to pickup steam with two additions to the defensive backfield in the form of Al-Majid Hutchins and Joseph Lefeged. These future defensive backfield mates will look to make the Rutgers defensive backfield a quarterback's worst nightmare. For Al-Majid Hutchins, he takes an aggressive approach to the position. In pursuit of the big play, this 5'11"-180lbs speedster is not afraid to jump a route for a big play.

Hutchins ended his recruitment after deciding Rutgers was the school that he always wanted to attend and not wanting to prolong this recruitment. The Rutgers facility, environment, players, and coaches made him feel at home. He stated that "Rutgers is like paradise". In addition to his love for the school, he likes the proximity and the chance for early playing time. He stated that "many of the Rutgers CBs are seniors and will be graduating. I know that I am a hard worker and have the ability to compete for playing time as a freshman". During his recruitment, he stated that Coach Schiano said that " I have the ability to make an immediate impact". Finally, Hutchins stated that the decision relieved the stress of a prolonged recruitment allowing him to focus on football and school.

Rutgers was potentially not Hutchins' only option. Connecticut, Virginia, Michigan, and Temple were reviewing his transcript with offers in the wings. However, Hutchins stated that he is fully qualified with a qualifying SAT score.

Later this month, Hutchins will be at the Rutgers 7 on 7 shootout with his team. He will also attend two sessions of the Rutgers football camp.

From this point until he enrolls into Rutgers, he will attempt to recruit other New Jersey players to Rutgers with an intent to win a National Championship. He stated that he will start with his teammate Darryl Giles, who Rutgers is recruiting and who will also attend the Rutgers Football camp with Hutchins.

For his Rutgers career, Hutchins plans to help take the Rutgers team to the National Championship. He stated that the "defense will be really good once I get there. I bring aggressiveness and speed to the position."


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