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Part III- A Season in Review           


By the Numbers


One way to evaluate the past season is to review the statistics.  The over-all team record was 18-13, which included a 15-2 home record and a 3-11 record away from the RAC.  The average Rutgers win was by 11 points and the average loss was by 13 points.  In games decided by 5 or less points Rutgers had a 5 and 3 record.


Rutgers lost the Battle of the Boards by an average of one rebound per game. In 26 games either Rashod Kent or Eugene Dabney was the leading rebounder. The other leading rebounders were Ricky Shields, Herve Laminzana, Jerome Coleman and Sean Axani.


The Rutgers team out scored and out shot the opposition from the field.  The difference in two-point field goals was .009 percent with Rutgers taking 2 more shots per game. The differential in 3 point shooting was .016 with Rutgers taking one more shot per game.  Rutgers meanwhile lost the free throw battle by .084 per cent and took one more shot per game than the opposition.


Individually the percentage leader in two point field goals was Kent with .541 followed by Kareem Wright at .532 and Dabney at .504.  The leading three point shooter by percentage was Herve who shot 18 of 44 for a .409 percentage, Jerome shot .346 on 99 for 286 shooting while Ricky hit for .314 on 44 of 140 shooting. Jerome took half of the teams total three point shots. Last but not least was Mike Sherrod who hit 7 of 36 attempts from three-point land. Ricky, Jerome, Mike and Herve divided the leading scorer statistics in 28 of 31 games. Rashod was the leading scorer in three games.


From the line Ricky hit almost .80 percent of his shots to lead the team.  Jerome shot at .713, Sean Axani hit at .68 and Herve hit at .67.   Rashod shot 80 more free throws than any other team member.  When you factor out Rashod's numbers, the team shot a respectable .69 percent from the line or an increase of almost .10 percent.


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