talks with Idris Hilliard

One player Rutgers fans will certainly need to keep an eye in the very near future is senior- to- be Idris Hilliard from The Hun School in Princeton. had a chance to speak with the Roselle (N.J.) native, who figures to emerge as one of the most highly regarded players in New Jersey in the 2006-07 season.

Idris Hilliard stated that as of now he has received scholarship offers from five schools: St. Joe's, Marquette, Providence, Rutgers, and most recently, DePaul. He said that currently there is no clear favorite among the schools, and that he has no preference for playing in any particular conference. Nor does it matter whether he winds up playing close to home or going away.

As for Rutgers, they appear to be in the mix. Hilliard stated that "under the old coaching staff, I didn't hear much from them, but since Fred Hill took over, they've been in contact a lot more. I was out there last Thursday and had a chance to see the place and meet the players".

One thing Hilliard said will certainly be a factor in his decision is the type of offense the team plays. "I don't want to play for a team that just runs up the court and shoots right away", he said. He said the strongest part of his game is "how hard I play. I can use my strength to get to the basket". When asked what area he feels might still need improvement, he said "the range on my outside shot. Not that I can't shoot, I just want to add more range".

Hilliard said that he will most likely play small forward on the next level, but that he can also play power forward if need be as well. Indeed, he seemed quite unfazed by the prospect of battling taller players down low: "I'm used to playing against bigger guys", he said. And while he added that he certainly can pass, since he has almost always been the primary scoring option, "setting up people is really not a part of my game".

Hilliard will be returning this summer to play in the ABCD camp, and Scout will be there to catch up with him - for although right now his college choice seems up in the air, he stated that not long thereafter, he expects to have reached a decision. "I want to know by November", he said.

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