Rutgers in FL - II

The second day of Rutgers' Camps in south Florida continued with over 150 prospects making their way over to Miami Edison Sr. High School on a hot and muggy Saturday afternoon. Though there were only a handful of prime recruiting targets on hand the soon to be Juniors went home after gaining tremendous experience and new-found knowledge garnered from their full day of work with the Rutgers staff.

Rutgers signees Sorie Bayoh [left] and Antonio Lowery [right]. Sorie and Antonio have been hard at work in the weight-room during the off-season and have bulked up considerably since we last saw them. Rutgers fans can expect to see both players to see some, however limited, action this upcoming season.

Though he hasn't yet donned the Scarlet Knights' uniform, there haven't been many incoming (RU) players, from within or outside of New Jersey, more popular than Tim Brown.  Brown comes in amidst high expectations for both himself and for his new school.  Rutgers fans should expect to see Tim "The Ghost" (because he is difficult to keep track of on and off the field) Brown and his electric speed often this upcoming season.

A.J. Johnson (6-foot-4 and 230-pounds), by way of Cardinal Gibbons HS in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Johnson is a very solid athlete that runs well and has very good hands.  One of the top 5 Tight Ends in all of south Florida, Johnson's offer list has exceeded double digits and includes a scholarship from Rutgers.

A.J. Johnson working out with the top TEs on hand awaiting to show off his running ability.

A.J. Johnson, running the first 5-yards upfield before changing directions and adjusting to the oncoming pass.

Two of the top Tight End prospects on Rutgers' board: Fabian Ruiz [left] and A.J. Johnson [right].  Though looking similar in stature, Ruiz holds a slight height advantage over Johnson.

Fabian Ruiz (6-foot-4 and one-half and 230-pounds), by way of Miami Sunset Senior HS in Miami, FL.  Ruiz has as much upside as any Tight End prospect according to analysts that have toured the sunshine state and left no stone uncovered.  Athletic and agile, Ruiz' frame may put on significant additional muscle in a college S&C program. Fans that missed's earlier exclusive interview with Ruiz will want to change their audio settings accordingly while utilizing the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Fabian Ruiz, after running upfield for just under 10-yards, pivots, turns and adjusts to the incoming pass.

Fabian Ruiz awaiting the incoming pass.

One of the more impressive defensive back prospects on hand that Saturday was CB Charlton Williams, by way of Coral Gables HS, FL.  Williams has had an outstanding spring thus far, and standing at 6-feet-2 and 175-pounds, has drawn rave reviews for his ability to cover. 

Several additional prospects were on hand at Miami Edison Senior HS, including one of Florida's top backs, Antwain Easterling.  Fans should stay tuned for more audio/visual interviews with some of these prospects as continues its coverage of Rutgers' south-Florida camping tour.

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