Q & A with Piscataway Star Athlete Tony Logan

Tony Logan is one of the more coveted prospects in the Northeast. The 5'11 athlete can do it all, and projects to play at either the QB, WR, or RB positions at the next level. SOR.com had the pleasure of seeing Tony perform at the Rutgers camp this past week and this is what he has to say about himself as a player and the recruiting process as a whole.

Q&A with Piscataway star athlete Tony Logan.

Q&A with Piscataway star athlete Tony Logan.

Sor.com: So what made you decide to camp at Rutgers?
Logan: I always camp there. It is a lot of fun. I camped there last year as well.

Sor.com: What did you think of the competition there with so many Northeast and Florida kids in attendance?
Logan: It was the most competition ever at that camp. Those Florida kids are good.

Sor.com: We noticed you played QB, WR, and DB at the camp as well as did some work in the 7-on-7. Which did you enjoy most?
Logan: I liked playing QB the most and had a great time in the 7-on-7, especially playing WR.

Sor.com: What position do you intend to play at the next level, or does that remain undecided?
Logan: That remains undecided. Basically once I figure that out I will know what school I'll be heading to.

Sor.com: Talk about what makes you one of the more sought after prospects in the Northeast.
Logan: I am really fast and possess intangibles that other players take a while to develop. It helps that I have been around this game for so long.

Sor.com: What is it that you are looking for most in a school? Is it that the place has to feel right, or "it makes sense to go there".
Logan: Both. I honestly need both.

Sor.com: Finally, give us a run-down of your top 5 schools.
Logan: Rutgers, Tennessee, Maryland, Purdue, and UConn.

Sor.com: Can you say a few words on each school?
Logan: Rutgers is like family. I know everyone. For Maryland, I like the facilities, coaches and atmosphere. For Tennessee, I like the big-time football and the coaches. For Purdue, I love the team and the coaches. Finally, UConn, I like how there rebuilding there program and going to be an up coming team.

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