Part II: Q&A with RU Head Coach Fred Hill

Along with dozens of college coaches, media personnel and fans, Fred Hill was in attendance for the first day of games at the ABCD camp. He was kind enough to take some time out of his day to speak with SOR. Here is a transcript of the interview we had with him. It's long but provides details on not only recruiting, but a number of important issues pertaining to the team ... read on for part II ..

If you happened to miss part I of SOR's interview with the Head Basketball Coach of Rutgers, Fred Hill, click here.

SOR: How is Courtney Nelson doing? I know from the summer league that he has an injury, could you comment on that?

Courtney is doing fine. He's come in and anytime you transfer, the biggest adjustment is that transfer year when you're sitting out, not being able to compete except in practice on a daily basis. He's come through this year and I think he has really improved his game. He works very hard and had a good year academically. Now, [he is experiencing] a little setback during the summer league. He jammed his thumb and I believe he stretched some ligaments. They have him in a soft cast for a couple of weeks but he should be fine. He should be 100% healed in a few weeks and actually they expect him to be playing before the end of the summer league.

SOR: That's terrific news. Now, how do you feel about Hamady N'diaye? Obviously he is a tremendous prospect….

Obviously, we were very happy Hamady decided to come on board and sign with us. All the people that have seen Hamady play are excited [about his abilities]. I haven't had a chance to see Hamady workout in the summer time. We're not allowed to go out and watch those guys so, I haven't had a chance to see Hamady. But, certainly, we have heard nothing but good things about Hamady from fans and people around the league. I'm excited when we have a chance in the fall to watch him and work with him. I'm excited about what I'm hearing.

SOR: Everything is alright with Stoneridge Prep and the NCAA? I know there were some rumors about Stoneridge being listed as a diploma mill…

As we sit here, I'm looking at the New York Times and they have come out with a list of schools [that have been invalidated by the NCAA] today and Stoneridge is no where to be found, so I'm assuming by this list that everything is clear and set. I read the newspapers like everybody else. So, we anticipate that sometime in the near future that his papers will go to the [NCAA] Clearinghouse and we'll get good news, probably sometime in August, about his eligibility.

SOR: That's definitely great news. How is Byron Joynes doing with his rehab and how did his surgery go?

Byron's doing good. He's still rehabbing, the surgery went terrific. He probably won't get an opportunity to get cleared to play this summer. But, probably sometime in August when he is done with the rehab, he should be cleared, 100% and ready to go for the season.

SOR: Adrian Hill has looked very good at the Barn so far in the summer league. Any thoughts?

Our trainers and doctors really felt that [Hill]'s rehab went really well. I'm hearing what your're hearing [about his summer league performances], and it seems like he is playing very well.

SOR: What can you tell us about walk-on Jamar Colon from Camden. We don't really know much about him. He hit 10 3-pointers in a high school game, so he can obviously shoot…

We don't know much about him ourselves. Certainly, he's a young man that has a great deal of interest in coming to Rutgers. I heard good things about him from scouting services and people who watched him play. He was not recruited last year, so we did not have an opportunity to see him play last year in Camden. He sounds like a terrific young man and a guy in summer school. We are looking forward for him to try out for the Rutgers team next year, and make it as a walk-on. We are excited about the prospect about someone who has a great desire to come and play at Rutgers University.

SOR: Could you talk about the backcourt for next season? It seems kind of thin. I know Justin Sofman is going to St. Thomas' More…

Justin is going to St. Thomas' More for a year of prep school. We are looking forward to having Justin sign again in November and join us at Rutgers the following season.

SOR: JR Inman is a tremendous prospect, one of the best young players we've seen in years. Do you think that you will have a two guard lineup and have Inman at small forward?

We're going to evaluate everything in the fall and when we get a chance to put our team together, we will sit down and see what positions guys will be playing and what roles they will fill.

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