Catching up with Miles Beatty at ABCD

Rutgers fans keeping a short list of players appearing at this year's ABCD camp that might potentially don a Scarlet Knight uniform in the near future need to remember the name Miles Beatty, of St.Anthony's H.S. in Jersey City. The talented 6'2" combo guard stated that Rutgers is indeed a possible destination for this latest blue-chip prospect from Coach Bob Hurley's storied program.

When asked at the camp what programs were recruiting him and what schools he was interested in, Beatty seemed to grow weary from the question – indeed, he stated that he is not finding the recruiting process to be "too much fun". "I'm open to a lot of schools right now", he said. When asked if Rutgers was a possibility, his face brightened and he said, somewhat emphatically: "Rutgers is definitely a possibility."

While Beatty added that he currently has no favorite, he is obviously high on Rutgers Coach Fred Hill. "Oh, Freddy Hill. Everywhere he goes, things change, for the good." said Miles Beatty.

Beatty states that two things that will be major factors in his decision are the academic reputation of the school and, not surprisingly, the chance to play early. "I don't want to have to wait for my junior or senior year", he said. As for what he expects to show people at this years' camp, he said it's "to prove that I am what the schools say that I am".

When asked what that is, he replied: "A combo guard that can pass, shoot, and play defense." Beatty said that his goal here is to make the all-star team.

On playing for a legend in Coach Bob Hurley, Beatty exclaimed that it is not easy. "It's tough sometime. "He's very hard", Beatty said, "very demanding". The key, he said "is to remember that it's for your own benefit".

Beatty was then told that the last player ever from St Anthony's to play for the Scarlet Knights was also named Myles (last name Dixon), who had the extreme misfortune to suffer under then-head coach Craig Littlepage's three year reign of error. (He was thankfully rewarded with an NCAA tournament appearance in his last year under Bob Wenzel).

When asked how he did, Beatty was told that his career at Rutgers was hardly a memorable one, to say the least. His reply, which RU fans might want to remember, was: "Well, maybe I can be the one to change all that".

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