I've been going over the notes that I received from several sources about the recent ABCD Camp in Teaneck, New Jersey. It seems as if Rutgers is recruitng a minimum of five local players for the two guard/swing position. In no specific order they are: Art Bowers of St. Benedicts Prep in Newark, N. J., who probably rates out the highest of the group, Lou McCroskey of St. Rays who also plays some point, Jamar Nutter of SH Prep who is a true combo, Marquise Webb of Paterson Catholic, and Ricky Lucas of Montrose Christian, Rockville, Maryland. For the full court pressure style of play that Rutgers is aspiring to use, a minimum of one and probably two of this caliber athlete will be needed. Whether they both come from this group or other individuals with comparable talent will be a point of discussion over the next several weeks. NETWHISPERS@AOL.COM

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