Focus '07: Robinson Alexis

The top WR at the Rutgers Palm Beach County camp, Robinson Alexis, also performed very well at the Rutgers camp up in NJ. At Palm Beach, Robinson showed great size, strength, speed and hands and continuously made play after play. His performance impressed all those in attendance.

SOR believed Robinson Alexis would be an under the radar type of guy, but he also shined at the Auburn camp and he soon may become a regular household name.

Robinson shared with us some of his impressions on the RU experience.

"I think I had a great camp at Palm Beach. The coaches there would pull me aside and teach some technique stuff which was good. Up in NJ, they already knew what I could do and basically said ‘go out and have fun'."

This was the first time for Robinson in the northeast and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

"It was very different and eye-opening for me. It is a beautiful campus. The place is huge - much larger than I anticipated. The facilities and that indoor track are fantastic. The cafeteria food was also pretty good. If I went there, the combination of those facilities and cafeteria would surely help me add some weight." (Robinson currently stands at 6' ½" 165)

Overall, Rutgers is very high on Robinson's list right now.

"I am really impressed with Rutgers and they are program that is doing some good things. I also like the way they coach. They correct the things you do wrong, but do it in a laid back way."

After his performance at Auburn, the Tigers are also a program Robinson has a serious interest in. "I liked their campus. The stadium was huge. And the coaches are tough and in your face. They make sure you get things done perfectly. Auburn and Rutgers are very different styles, but I like them both pretty evenly right now."

Robinson needs some work in the classroom but feels he is on target to qualify academically next year.

"I am taking some summer classes right now and will take the SAT in the first week of August. That is where my main focus will be at for the rest of the summer."

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