Q&A with RU Recruit Zack Rosen

After sitting out last season with a broken elbow, point guard Zack Rosen fell off the radar of most college recruiters. However, after a stellar performance at the ABCD camp, Zack's recruitment has picked up as colleges are noticing his potential. SOR recently spoke with Zack and got the inside scoop on his recruitment and his offer from Rutgers.

Chris Lee (SOR): Zack, I watched you play at the Reebok ABCD camp and you were terrific, averaging 10 points, 3 assists a game. What was your attitude going into the ABCD camp? How did you expect you would play?

Zack Rosen: I knew I was going to play good. I just wanted to show everyone else who didn't think I belonged, or didn't think that I could play at that level. That was my mission going into the camp.

SOR: What was it like playing against some of the best players in the country at the camp?

ZR: In AAU, you play against the same kids in all kind of venues. So, it was nothing new. But [at the camp], it was more of an individual environment so it was a good time to show your individual game.

SOR: Now, how has your recruitment picked up after your performance at ABCD? Have more schools contacted you?

ZR: A little bit yea. Rutgers, Seton Hall, Iowa State, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Pennsylvania, and a bunch of schools are recruiting me right now. The problem is that a lot of the schools don't know I plan on doing two years at St. Benedict's, so that makes me a 2008 recruit.

SOR: So your're saying you are going to prep at St. Benedict's…

ZR: I'm either going to reclassify or go as a senior and transfer.

SOR: Do you have any offers right now and do you have any favorites?

ZR: Rutgers…they actually offered me last year as a ‘08 [recruit]. I wouldn't name favorites, but [Rutgers] is definitely at the top of the so-called list.

SOR: Now, for someone who hasn't seen you play, what would you say is your best ability as a point guard? What is your game?

ZR: [The best part of my game is] my ability to get everyone else shots. To me, that's the goal of the point guard and that's what I do best. I get everyone else going and then I get myself going.

SOR: Is there any part of your game that you are trying to improve?

ZR: Strength is the number one thing I am working on now. Also, consistency in my shot and also just improving all around: ball handling, everything - just keep getting better in the areas I'm already good at.

SOR: Why did you decide to transfer to St. Benedict's Prep from Colonia?

ZR: I missed about six months with the injury, so going to St. Benedict's gives me the ability to make up for that time as far as a second year. And, the competition everyday at St. Benedict's really is like a college environment, so it really gets you need to be ready for in college, as a basketball player and as a student.

SOR: Are you looking forward to playing with Coach Hurley?

ZR: Absolutely. I've been working out there for about four months and I've developed a good relationship with him. I'm excited to play for them, him and the team that surrounds me.

SOR: Last question: I've seen your name spelled different ways - with a K or H at the end. How do you spell your name?

ZR: Z-A-C-K…please let that be known.

SOR: Thanks for the time, Zack. Good luck with the rest of the recruiting process.

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