Rutgers pursues South Florida DT Nicholls

Dontee Nicholls is arguably the top DT in South Florida. He is a big man that stands in at 6'2 1/2 and over 300 punds. On film he plays with a non-stop motor and plays the run and pass equally well. He shares his thoughts on the recruiting process and Rutgers in this Q&A session.

One position Rutgers has been targeting hard this recruiting season is the defensive line. And with early commits from several touted players, including Broward County's Justin Francis, the Scarlet Knights have gotten off to a great start. And it looks like Rutgers is going to continue to hit Broward County intensely as it pursues two of the nation's top defensive lineman in stud DE Jabaal Sheard and DT Dontee Nicholls. Today we had the chance to speak to Blanche Ely product Dontee Nicholls and this is what he had to share. You were one of the best players at the RU Dillard camp. Tell us about your experience.

Nicholls: It was fun. We had some one-on-one's where we had the chance to compete and let it loose. I enjoyed the DL coach (Godette). He kept on teasing me saying I was too small. He is a bit of a character. What other camps were you able to attend this summer?

Nicholls: I went to the local camps here at FAU and Bethune-Cookman. I was not able to attend too many camps because we had an unfortunate family issue. I was scheduled to go to several camps, including the Rutgers camp, but because of family issues I could not make it. Where are you in the decision process? Nicholls: I have not really gotten too into the recruiting process at this time. I am very open and just laying back and taking this in. I plan on taking my visits. What schools could you see yourself visiting and why?

Nicholls: There are several things I am looking from a school. First of all, I want a city environment. I want to be in a place where things are going on. I am a city boy. And second of all, academics will also play a role. I want to study communications. And I also want a general good feeling from the program. What are your thoughts on Rutgers at this time?

Nicholls: I like them. I exchange text messages with coach Rizzi pretty often. They are one of the schools I am looking to visit. Depending on my football schedule, I would like to see if I can visit for one of their games for an official visit. I need to plan my visits out with my head coach, Coach McGirt. What are some of the other schools you are looking to take visits to?

Nicholls: Georgia, South Carolina and Arizona State to name a few. I like Florida as well. Do you have written offers from all those schools. How many written offers do you have at this point?

Nicholls: I have offers from all those schools and have 26 written offers at this point. What is it that you bring to the table that makes so many schools find you as a necessity to their program?

Nicholls: I think I have good size, speed, and am an all-around football player. I am 6' 2 ½ and 305 pounds right now. We sent film to a bunch of schools and coaches seem to like how I play. At our spring game, we had 31 Division 1 coaches come watch. What kind of stats did you have last year?

Nicholls: I missed 6 games last year with an MCL injury, but still had 9 sacks. I expect to have a bigger year this year.

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