School First, then Football

Tiree Eure was a standout performer at the All-American Combine at Rutgers this past April. Standing in at 6-foot-5 and 250-pounds Eure has thesize, athleticism, and hands to play TE at the next level.

Tiree Eure stands in at 6-foot-5 and 250-pounds, by way of Parkland SHS (Allentown, PA). At the Combine Eure worked out with the Tight Ends and impressed during both his individual testing and in the 1-on-1 drills. However, one of the main attractions of a prospect like Eure is his versatility. While Eure could be successful as a TE at the next level, recruiters are attracted to Eure's potential on the offensive line as well.

While Eure has remained focused on the football aspect of things this summer, his primary goal has been in the classroom. Eure is taking a pair of summer classes at Parkland and making sure that the grades fall in line first, realizing that football cannot result without first achieving success in the classroom.

1. SOR: How have you been spending your summer?

Eure: I have been spending my summer time wisely by taking summer courses to boost my GPA. Also, I have been going to practice, and also I have been in training, working on my speed, route running, and strength. So, my summer hasn't been all that fun but yet it is helping my future.

I have been doing well in my classes. I am treating it as if it was a whole school year, because it isn't everyday you get a chance to take classes over and get the entire grade changed. So I am doing what I have to do to have an (A) in my History class and in my Chemistry class.

2. SOR: Talk about your effort in the classroom.

Eure: I am making a real big effort in class mainly because my future life depends on it. Like I said earlier, I will not make the same mistake twice -- never again. You live and you learn and I have learned and I will not fail again. Too much depends on it and I have too many people counting on me. So I will not let everyone down because if I do then I will never forgive myself. So I am taking class seriously.

3. SOR Talk about your preparation for your senior season.

Eure: I have been going to pratice and I have also been doing my own training by myself. For the simple fact that I never think I am ready for that next thing that may be out there. I feel as though I am always unprepared for something and I can be ready, but I need that insurance that gives me the extra kick. So while the next man is sleeping or playing video games I am still working. Or if I am not working out I am studying my playbook because it is new to me. So whenever I get the chance I will look at that, because I will tell you this right now, I am scared to fall, so I put as much work in as possible. Day in and day out it is school and football. If I want to be the best I have to work harder than the rest.

4. SOR: Just to finish off with a bit on your recruitment. Talk about your favorite schools.

Eure: My top schools are the best schools that fit me. Athletically and academically.

1. RUTGERS - I love this school, its team and staff. I love the facilities and everything that comes with it. When I am there they make me feel at home, it is a family feel over there and I can't ask for more than that.

Also they use their Tight-Ends quite often and that also plays a big part in my decision.

2. CONNECTICUT - They were the first school to show me love and I would be a fool if I didn't do the same. Talk about family feel, they treated me like I was one of them for the past 3 years. So they are definately in my Top 2. Also, they have a up and coming program and they will soon be a big name in the Big East in a few years.

3. WEST VIRGINIA - Now, they are rather new on my list but they came after me really hard and I always liked their program. So when I found out that they were interested I was happy. They got in contact with me after the Elite Combine and we talked and they started sending mail and they said I have an offer on the way so that could be big. It also helps that they are in the Top 5 of the entire NCAA so that plays a big part.

4. MARYLAND - They are not new on the list but they are starting top to rise up. I always liked Maryland but never knew the feel down there. So when I went to camp down there I loved it. The way they coach, and the campus, and the facilities are very nice and they loved me down there. I did not want to leave. They too have the family feel factor down there and that plays a big part. Also they to use the Tight-End so that plays a part.

5. PITTSBURGH - Now I like this school because they came to see to see what kind of person I was and not for what I can do on the football feild. The other reason is that they use the Tight-End. Also the coaches are real cool guys and I can see myself playing for them.

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