Brandon Preaster

Brandon Preaster, 6-0, 182 QB, Montclair HS 

Offer Update

No offers as of  yet. Being recruiting by Rutgers, Georgia Tech, Virginia and Illinois.  Also hearing from Clemson and Penn State. Georgia Tech is probably the most active and they have told Brandon that they'll offer if they like what they see in the first four games.


Current leaders:

Georgia Tech - "My height is not as much as a factor at Georgia Tech since Joe Hamilton was only 5'10 and he played there. Tech is a place where I could redshirt, gain some muscle and play later. I like the educational opportunities. Georgia Tech has a good journalism school and that is what I am looking to do."


Clemson - "Woody Danzler was 5-11 and played there. I haven't been in that close contact with Clemson but they send me a lot of mail and they only brought in one quarterback in the last class and maybe it would be a good fit."


Virginia - "We (Brandon and Derrick Harper) went to the Va camp and I did very well, they liked how I threw the ball. I showed that I had a strong arm and my accuracy was really good. After that camp I started getting a lot of mail from them, when I first  went there I wasn't getting a lot of attention from them but after they saw me play I am getting a lot more attention from them."


Rutgers - "Rutgers is close, it's local. Nafi Williams from Montclair is walking on there and he is a close friend of mine."


Penn State - "The thing I liked about Penn State was the education and the fact that I got to watch the spring game and I felt that with a strong season I could play with these guys."


Days at camp

"Virginia and Bill Tricky quarterback camp. They were impressed the Tricky camp, I feel that I really stood out. I was comfortable and pleased with my performance. After that camp I got a lot of mail right after that camp. I got mail from school I hadn't been hearing from before like Northwestern, North Carolina and Duke."


Will he make and early decision or a late one?

"Right now, seeing what has happened with Derrick and how that whole thing is dragging on, I want to make a decision after I pick up a few offers. I don't want it to drag on. I'll go over everything with my family. I do want to do it and be smart about it. I'll wait and see how everything goes and make a decision when it comes up."

Summer  plans

"I have been working really hard. I am in the weight room every day. Tuesday and Thursday I throw the ball. I am lifting. My forty time actually dropped a tenth of a point because I put on muscle."


Brandon is looking forward to the coming season. After sitting behind Tyrone Griner last year Brandon is looking forward to showing college coaches what he can do. Along with Derrick Harper, Alvin Bowen and Gary Green, Brandon is looking to bring state championship to Montclair.


Mike Fasano:


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