Video walkthrough of the Rutgers weight room

Among the nicest facilities in the nation, the Rutgers Hale Center has one of the most modern weight rooms in the country. Take a short walkthrough the RU facilities with SOR.

The Rutgers Weight Room.

The newly renovated Hale Ceter, a $13-million investment, gives the Rutgers student-athletes all the necessary advantages to succeed on and off the field. Featuring a beautiful locker room, the newly renovated weight room and additional facilities are one of the most impressive across the entire nation.

There are over 100 machines and free-weight stations, state-of-the-art video technology that allow players to critique their lifting form and maximize performance, one dozen treatment tables, 10 ultrasound machines, and a number of additional cardiovascular and strength and conditioning equipment designed to give the Scarlet Knights every advantage possible.

Perhaps the most impressive facility advances include the Biodex machine and Hydroworks pool, both available to players in the training room. This advanced equipment offers neuromuscular testing and rehab technology including water resistance rehabilitation (TheHydroworks pool) featuring a pool with a floor treadmill allowing for running while placing a limited amount of stress on the joints.

Most importantly, the improvements to the Hale Center include smart classrooms and meeting rooms offerring the latest video and multimedia advantage technology allowing the Scarlet Knights to get an edge in the classroom as well. Indeed, Rutgers Football was recently recognized as having a graduation rate that is 12% higher than the national average and RU Football's APR score placed its student-athletes fourth in the nation and second among all bowl teams in 2005.

The Hale Center is among the nicest football facilities in the nation. The above is but a brief description of the newly improved football facilities available at Rutgers. Below, SOR offers viewers a video walkthrough of the weight room - one of its many features is a 60-yard FieldTurf track offering the Scarlet Knights the opportunity to weight- and speed train.



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