Elliott Weighs In

As one of the top offensive linemen left on the recruiting board of several teams, John Elliott, (6-foot-5 and 290-pounds), by way of East Meadow HS in East Meadow NY, had himself quite a busy day this past Saturday as several of his remaining schools saw action. One of the games featured a matchup between two schools still on his list: UNC and RU.

John Elliott narrowed down his list of schools to a more manageable seven not that long ago. Several of his favorite schools were in action this past Saturday but a pair of his favorite schools were pitted against one another: North Carolina and Rutgers.

SOR caught up with the Scout.com 4-star prospect to get his impressions of the game.

"I thought it was a great game to watch, pretty back and forth for a while," stated Elliott.

"Rutgers was sending a lot of guys [on defense], keeping up the pressure on Dailey and Ray Rice played pretty sick."

Fans are undoubtedly intrigued about what a prospect may think after their team's performance and often times are of the belief that one game's outcome may determine - or help determine - a recruit's decision. However, Elliott, who has been very methodical about his recruiting process thus far, is taking a number of criteria under consideration. He has not been impressed by some of the flash of the so-called "big-name" programs and won't be swayed by the outcome of one game's result either.

"Right now I don't really know [if this result changes anything] - I'd have to watch the rest of the season. You know, it is only one game but it is also great to see two teams on my list go at it," continued Elliott.

Elliott has been busy preparing for his squad's season opener - which is set to begin September 16th - and has not yet determined a plan for his next "trimming". However, when he does, the final list is likely to include 4 or 5 schools to which Elliott will take official visits to.

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