Nicholls looks to set-up Rutgers visit

One of the needs Rutgers dearly covets to fulfill in this recruiting class is a big, athletic DT. Someone with size and strength in the tranches, but the level of speed that allows the RU defense to be successful. And one of the best out there in that mold is Donte'e Nicholls from Ely High School in Broward County, Florida.

After getting off to a good start with a victory over Boyd Anderson HS, the Dontee Nicholls led Ely squad suffered a tough defeat to one of Broward County's better football programs, Hollywood Hills, by the score of 33-23.

A rather somber sounding Nicholls had this to say about the game. "We just had too many mental mistakes. It was not who we lost to, because they are a great team, but how we lost. As a group, if we play to our abilities, we may have seen different results". And to add to his frustration, Donte'e admitted this Ely group has been disciplined in its approach to football and felt the performance was quite uncharacteristic. "I may have expected this from a different Ely team, but not this group. We have been very serious all summer, and to make mistakes like the ones we made makes it tough. Today is a holiday, but we had to hear it from coach at 8:00 AM practice".

Nicholls has the talent, and by some of the aforementioned comments, the character to be a dominating player at the next level. He also states that he is very interested in visiting Rutgers. "I am going to get in touch with coach Rizzi this week and try to set up my visit up there". At this point in time, Donte'e has only one visit scheduled. That is to Auburn on October 13th, when they play host to Florida.

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