Tre Timbers

Tre Timbers, 5-11, 175, 4.5, CB, Ocean Township, HS      

For a couple of days there has been an internet rumor that Tre Timbers was wavering on his commitment to Rutgers. I talked to Tre and asked him if it was true. He told me, "my commitment is solid."

Schools are still trying to recruit him. "I always tell them that I am still committed to Rutgers. They can recruit me if they wish but I am all for Rutgers. I like the people that they are bringing in, both in this recruiting class and in the people they already have. I talked to Omar Savage about two months ago and he was really positive about Rutgers. It is good we got Pedro. I am friends with Orlando. He is a real good person and definitely a very good athlete. I would like to be able to room with him. He is a real good guy. I like his father also.  I don't know Rashawn Ricks but I hear that he is a good prospect. I am hoping that something breaks with Mike (Meggett) since I would like to play with him.

I like a lot of the players that they have in the program already. I played against Will Gilkison and Joe Henley. I also played against Clark Harris and Berkley. They are all good. Gilkison is unbelievable. I was intimidated by him. He was the most intimidating player I played against last year. With guys like that coming into the program I am confident about the program's success. I wouldn't go there unless I thought that they were going to a bowl."

Tre has nine career interceptions, 154 career tackles. Last year Tre had 58 tackles, 12 pass break ups and 5 tackles for loss. Played QB on offense and CB on defense also returned punts and kickoffs. He has been named to numerous preseason All America and All East teams and is one of the top prospects in the state of New Jersey this year.

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