SOR's RU Recruiting Breakdown: Skills

With recruiting season roughly halfway or slightly beyond, SOR breaks down the Scarlet Knights' recruiting needs and targets, position by position.

QB position

A good philosophy to have in terms of recruiting is to bring in 1 QB with every class. However, with the transfer of Dominic Natale into the program and the addition of freshman QBs Tom Lang and Chris Paul-Etienne, that gives RU six capable QBs on the roster. Redshirt sophomore Mike Teel is the veteran on this club, and the other 5 QBs will have at-least 3 years of eligibility remaining. Thus, it may not be in RU's best interest to bring in a QB this year. RU did however hand scholarship offers to a slew of talented signal callers early in the recruiting process. If RU decides to or against taking one QB this year, they could make the argument in either direction.

Realistic candidates still on the board are:

Chris Whitney -  6'3 190 St Jospeph's Prep, Philadelphia, PA

Chris Johnson - 6'2" 200 JFK HS, Paterson, NJ

Teddy Schell - 6'5 205 Barrington, Ill

Chris Masson - 6'0" 170 Christopher Columbus HS, Miami, Fl


Running Back

Rutgers has one of the top RB combinations in the country in Brian Leonard and Ray Rice. Add in very solid back-ups in freshman Kordell Young and Jack Corcoran, not to mention Dimitri Linton, and Rutgers now has created a standard in terms of backfield talent. Young and Corcoran are scary good. Despite this, Rutgers will land a talented back in this class. The question is in which direction will they want to head in?

When SOR was able to watch Zacchaeus Brown, from Palm Beach (Florida) this summer (pictured at right with RU RBs coach), we were incredibly impressed by this young man. And for Rutgers not to offer means that RU must be going after truly elite players at this position. The #1 prospect on the board is indeed Antwain Easterling. The bad news about Easterling is that he is also #1 on the Miami and Florida board. The good news is Easterling's best friend Tim Brown will be a star at Rutgers.  Easterling stated that "I only went out for football in pee-wee because Timmy was always on my case to play."  These two are very close.  In addition, there is an established relationship with Coach Demo, being that he recruited and landed Tim Brown last year.

Xavier Stinson, from Chaminade-Madonna, in Broward County, is another big time back that has tons of versatility. He could play the TB, FB, or even LB position.  Xavier is a flat out football player. Mason Robinson may be the best RB in the state of NJ, but also adds versatility and can play WR or CB.  He has tons of offers from big time programs. Joe Martinek has the potential to be the state of NJ's all-time leading rusher. He is a gamer, but may be better suited to play defense. He reminds a lot of former WVU Safety Mike Lorello. Gordon Warner from Miami Central will have Edwin Alvarez in his ear all fall and winter. He is a fluid runner with very good all around skills and will probably be the 2nd best RB in Dade this year behind Easterling.

Realistic candidates still on the board are:

Antwain Easterling 5'11" 185 Miami Northwestern HS, Fl

Gordon Warner      5'11" 175 Miami Central HS, FL

Xavier Stinson        5'9"   215 Chaminade-Madonna, Broward County, Fl

Mason Robinson 5'10 175 Somerville HS, NJ


Wide Receiver

Can you say stacked!? I recently spoke to a top WR recruit, who shall remain unnamed, who stated "It is hard to consider Rutgers - they are so stacked!"

Who would have thought?

Tim Brown, Kenny Britt, Dennis Campbell, and Shamar Graves are all freshman that could play anywhere in the country. Shamar had 47 written offers, and his best position may be on defense. Tiquan Underwood (shown to the right in RU's season opener) is a big-time playmaker at WR who hasn't begun to scratch the surface of his potential. For everyone who thought he should have been red-shirted last year that game experience he gained last year may be of benefit to his confidence today. James Townsend, if healthy will make some noise. And Marcus Daniels will be a year older next year and will look to go out with a bang.

Rutgers will, nevertheless, probably add 1 or at most, 2 WR's next year.  One prospect that RU is high on is PA's Toney Clemons. It is likely that RU will get a visit from Toney, but several factors will make this one tough: his high coach played at Pitt; his two sisters are at Pitt, and his cousin, Steve Breaston, has enjoyed a good career at Michigan. Plus he has some people close to him that attended Colorado.  At this time, it looks like Pitt, Michigan and Colorado, with RU looking in from the outside.  A personal favorite is West Boca's Robinson Alexis. He has a big-time frame, has great hands and runs nasty routes. He could be a monster after two years in the RU weight room. Matt Guinn is as confident and hard working a young man as you'll find. Guinn has that south Florida swagger about him. He plays with passion. He has this Wayne Chrebet-like gamer approach to the game.  D'Angelo Harden from Dillard HS in Fort Lauderdale runs extremely well and has a thick frame to boot. He made noise at the RU camp in Florida and has the potential to hit the radar as the year progresses. Mason Robinson is a versatile athlete that can play multiple positions including WR.

Realistic candidates still on the board are:

Toney Clemons   6'3"   190  New Kensington, PA

Mason Robinson 5'10  175 Somerville HS, NJ

Robinson Alexis  6'0"   170  West Boca HS, Palm Beach County, FL

Matt Guinn          5'11" 160 Christopher Columbus HS, Miami, Fl

D'Angelo Harden 6'0"   195 Dillard HS, Broward County, Fl


Tight End

Kevin Brock will be next in line after the graduation of All-American candidate Clark Harris and bull Sam Johnson. Rutgers brought in a pair of TE's last year, and both have great size - however, both may be better suited for OL - one should not be surprised if a move inside is made with either of these young men. Commit Fabian Ruiz can be as good as he wants to be.  He is the total package. Even though Ruiz states his commitment is firm to RU, Rutgers is going to have to stay hard on this young man because the attention will come from all angles. UCLA, as one example, sends continuous mail and continues to recruit the Floridian. Unless a big blocking TE emerges, Ruiz may be the only guy RU brings in at that position. RU was also strongly looking at Nick Provo before he decided on Syracuse. Not offering Provo early may come back to haunt Rutgers. Anthony Middleton, from Monarch HS has great hands and route running ability on a tall, athletic frame. If he has a big senior year, he is someone RU may consider. Middleton was fantastic at the RU Dillard camp.

Realistic candidates still on the board are:

Anthony Middleton  6'5 205  Monarch HS, Broward County, Fl

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