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When Ryan Cubit arrives for the start of Rutgers' preseason camp with the rest of the upper classmen on Thursday, he'll do so with a slightly altered throwing motion and some added upper-body strength. But it's what people don't see that will mark the biggest difference in the Knights' sophomore quarterback.
The 6-3, 215-pounder won't stride onto the field with a limp, won't wince when he moves the wrong way and won't feel anything like the Timex watch of college quarterbacks that he was last fall, a guy who took a constant licking but kept on ticking.
"I feel good. I'm healthy -- and it's great," Cubit said.
Cubit aims to pull his weight

There never was any debate.
If Berkeley Hutchinson didn't clean his room, he couldn't go out with his friends. If he didn't do the dishes, he couldn't play football. Lisa Bell figured since she was Berkeley's mom, she got to make the rules.
Even if football coaches started coming to her house.
"They'd be here, begging me to let him play," Bell said, chuckling at the memory. "It got to where they would tell Berkeley, 'Make sure you take out the trash,' so he could play."
Rutgers frosh will sit and learn

The Rutgers University football team media guide doesn't boast the slogan, "It's Time," as was the case during the first season of the Greg Schiano era.
But as the team opens camp for the 2002 campaign Tuesday, senior tight end L.J. Smith knows his time is now.
"Everybody believes we can get this done," Smith said last week at the Big East Conference media day. "I've seen the strides this program is making, so I think we can make some noise this year."
There's reason for hope

Knights in the Pro

Rashod Kent ran the seam route to perfection, caught a pass, turned upfield and gained another 15 yards.
Head coach Dom Capers then walked onto the practice field at the Houston Texans training camp and got in the face of a linebacker who had just been burned.
“Son,” Capers said to the linebacker, “How does it feel to get beat by a basketball player?”
Texans give former Rutgers cage star a shot

Former Rutgers center Rashod Kent has traded in his basketball uniform, finding an enthusiasm for football he never knew existed. And tonight he makes his NFL debut as a rookie tight end with the expansion Houston Texans against the Giants in the preseason Pro Football Hall of Fame Game.
"It will probably be overwhelming," Kent said from Houston. "I mean, I just turned on the TV and saw Jim Kelly inducted into the Hall of Fame. We're going to tour the Hall (yesterday). Just so many thing are happening I never expected. To line up against (Giants All-Pro defensive end) Michael Strahan ..."
Kent blocking out basketball

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Around the Big East

They arrived. But some of the Syracuse University first-year football players reporting Friday for the start of preseason camp took longer roads.
Wide receiver Tim Lane traveled across the country from California.
Defensive back Terrell Lemon drove from Miami.
Different roads, same destination


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